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LOL. Thank you. You also.
I'm fuzzy about the Black Panthers. The New Black Panthers were disavowed by the original Panthers. (scroll down a bit for the dark print "Open Letter") I used to read the Black Panther newspaper in 1968 and don't recall racism but that was obviously a long time ago.
Actually she is not racist. She and I got along very well. I'm certainly not saying Kwanzaa is a very widespread holiday. I agree with Ann as to it's nativity and it's still amusing to see it included as if it were this age-long African tradition. But for her family it is tradition.
Apparently I live in a universe where some people wake up grouchy and then go write on the Internet. By "Martin Luther" I meant Martin Luther. Had I meant Martin Luther King, I would have said "Martin Luther King" so as to distinguish him from Martin Luther. Apparently it may not be true that Martin Luther coined the Christmas tree. (contains quotes from the 1600s) I had always heard him credited with it. Hope your Christmas- or whatever you celebrate is or was or will be (depending) good.
Two corrections to Ann Coulter's article. She is correct about where Kwanzaa came from. The concept of taking Muslim (not African names) is Islamic and the Nation of Islam (denied the hadj for some time. Malcolm X became a Sunni before he made hadj in 1964. I don't know if they are allowed in presently.) followed the same custom. BUT. A co-worker (black) has celebrated Kwanzaa since childhood. So just as the Christmas tree was a new thing when Martin Luther put one on the altar, so also has Kwanzaa become a tradition for a few. Habari gani, and Happy Kwanzaa.
As long as she says the owner of the "animal eyes in the dark" is still a rapist if he rapes the scantily dressed female. Like if I were flashing money around and got robbed. Nobody would blame me. Where I am coming from is twice being sexually assaulted. One was rape. The one who stabbed me right at the beginning decided not to go all the way. Both of them mentioned that I was out there alone like that. As if I had somehow contributed to the event. PS. And for me, the guy who is also drunk and goes too far with a woman who might also be drunk, I don't necessarily think he raped her. He was drunk.
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WWJT: Who Would Jesus Torture?

lemonfemale Wrote: Dec 17, 2014 12:09 PM
Who would Jesus torture? Anybody who does not say He redeemed them by His death on the cross. And why? For no particular reason other than that.
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Notes on Another Swing of the Pendulum

lemonfemale Wrote: Nov 07, 2014 11:19 AM
Barack Obama is no Bill Clinton, alas. Obama will not work with the opposition any more than Jesus would sit down with Satan- and for the same reason (as Obama sees it). Also Obama has this large ego. The only way to work with him is to praise him often and say "yes" a lot. Hopefully he will not do something (amnesty) that will require us to fight him. But right now he has his back up. We shall see.
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Where Was President Obama?

lemonfemale Wrote: Oct 24, 2014 3:31 PM
I have not seen anything so devastating since Robert Louis Stevenson's "Open Letter" to one Reverend Hyde after that man had disparaged Father Damien. Or as Mark Twain said, written with "a pen warmed up in Hell." His facewbook profile. Worth looking at
That's a good point about Amazon. Because logically, you then pass a law outlawing direct sale of book without a book dealer.
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