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That's a good point about Amazon. Because logically, you then pass a law outlawing direct sale of book without a book dealer.
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Awards Galore

lemonfemale Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 11:41 AM
At least one of Mr. Greenberg's "collection of trinkets" is a Pulitzer.
Since he states he is heterosexual and married, on what basis do you claim he is gay? Just asking.
Several very good points. To be a Jew is essentially a lifestyle choice since a person could give up their profoundest beliefs, change their name, abandon their family and friends and so forth. I will go along with Coretta Scott King on this one. I want for gay folk the same rights I have. To hold a job I am qualified to fill. To live where I can afford to live. To marry.
A group that cannot procreate, that is not found in nature and that seeks - and to some extent enjoys- special privileges and governmental favors for its chosen status. Yes! The Catholic Church with it's celibate clergy has had that for ages. And may I also say that the accumulated wisdom of ages was slavery. And finally, anybody who looks at a picture of an elderly couple on their wedding day and smiles has given up the idea of marriage for procreation only.
This article is really good. I had not thought to compare the two but ... yeah.
The State lady keeps referring to other people's accounts that don't match Megan Kelly/ Leon Panetta's account. I would ask her "Who are these people? Names." I just watched 10 minutes of "everybody knows" and "they all say".
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When Paul Became Muhammad

lemonfemale Wrote: Oct 02, 2014 12:55 PM
He sounds like Nation of Islam and as I recall, back in the day- early 70s, the Nation was denied the hadj by Saudi authorities. Larry Elder (and Paul) started with some impressive handicaps- Elder being born in 1952- but Paul/Muhammad handicapped himself more than that. Much more.
Maybe she could get Rush Limbaugh to call her a "slOt" on the air like he did Sandra Fluke. Then Obama might call her.
The original meaning of "religion of peace" was NOT "religion of nonviolence". Peace was supposed to come from being what you were meant to be- in submission to God. So Bruce Lee in the middle of all-out combat could be at peace. What the phrase has come to mean is "religion of nonviolence" so we should probably not use it. The PEW poll he uses says that in the countries surveyed in Southeastern Europe or Central Asia only 20% or so favored shariah law and death for apostasy and such. Islam has a strong Crusader (I use that word deliberately.) streak right now that it can outgrow. We should- as he says- not dump on Islam in general but encourage civilized adherents.
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