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Actually I don't agree this is exploiting someone's death and is abhorrent. How about Brian Terry the border patrol agent killed due to "Fast and Furious"? How about Cliven Bundy? According to Vespa here, we would have to stand down and keep quiet if he had been killed since it is abhorrent to exploit a death for political purposes. Assuming the people using the Fergusen shooting really believe Brown's death was an outrage, they have as much right to organize as anyone else. Race-baiters don't really believe it: they are faking their outrage and that's the abhorrent thing. People who sincerely believe it may be incorrect in their assessment but they are decent people and in no way abhorrent.
Right now stare decisis would favor gay marriage. Good point on the robes and the "all rise". Stare decisis is only a reluctance to change the current state of the law I believe. Brown overturned Plessy. Separate was no longer to be considered equal. One should be hesitant to overturn something that has endured a long time but not absolutely against it. Slavery was traditional. And so has been heterosexual marriage.
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Looting Is Good

lemonfemale Wrote: Aug 31, 2014 12:04 PM
That's important. Crime poisons everything. Stores have displays outside because they know people will bring stuff in to pay for it. Anchorage abandoned the practice of gassing up and then paying because of theft. Looting a 7-Eleven is NOT an act of revolution. It's just theft. And the idea that someone could say today is worse than when someone could drop a letter in the mail addressed "N word Preacher" nothing else and Martin Luther King would get it is ABSURD!!!
Obama's statement sounds like the defense attorney saying it wasn't rape because ... and though readers can imagine it, I can't say it since it involves socially awkward body parts and whether they have invaded or merely violated the territorial integrity of other awkward body parts.
Obama could do that- pardon everybody. Legally, I mean. Nobody does it and Obama has been notoriously stingy with pardons and commutations as I recall but legally, could he not? Reminds me of a fake campaign slogan in 2012. "Do you want my hand on the nuclear button after I've been voted out of office?"
Yes. I hope everybody ends up agreeing with this.
I assume Mr. Ransom is not responsible for the title since the drunk driver in question was sentenced to 45 days as I recall.
Before anyone contemplates sitting this one out up here, note that his opponent has RUN ADS promoting abortion rights. That Mark Begich voted for Obamacare without having to be bribed like some Senators, and has voted with Obama 97% of the time (according to uncontested ads anyway). He MUST go.
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Forgetting the Meaning of Freedom

lemonfemale Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 11:32 AM
Considering the header this article has gotten elsewhere "atheists forget meaning of freedom" I was prepared not to like it but the header was wrong. This is dead on! PS At one motel in Hawaii many years ago, my room had a book of Buddhist scriptures and no Gideon Bible. Fine by me!
According to Obama, THIS is the real enemy. Not ISIS but the FAT CAts (so-called).
You're right. Didn't Peter do exactly that- or something like- and God set him straight. "What God hath cleansed call thou not unclean?
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