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Dancing a Little Jig on Progressive’s Shattered Dreams

Lela8 Wrote: Jun 10, 2012 1:25 PM
Taxpayers are finally waking up to how their tax money is being misused by unions. Look for word to get around to all the other states, thanks to the Internet and Talk Radio.

What a week!

It won’t end up being a week where people ask you “Where were you when…” as you drink beers 20 years from now. But the recall election results in Wisconsin were like Christmas in June. There’s something about tears of disappointment from liberal progressives that makes my liberty-loving heart smile.

How awesome was that? And by awesome I mean hilarious. Any time you make a guy wearing a Boston Red Sox hat cry by voting against a Democrat union stooge it’s a good day. There was one bright spot for Leftists on election night…MSNBC,...

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