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If he secures the release of the Marine being held there on gun charges, I will give him a pass. However, t I am not holding my breath, and expect that he won't even bring up the subject.
Did you buy your own kneepads, or did you get them for free when you joined OFA?
SFR... You're a special kind of stupid.
Hahaha! It's cute how you think the federal government can "create" jobs. You probably think the government has a right to take whatever it wants too.
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You're so cute when you're delusional. Did you buy your own kneepads or did the DNC issue them with membership?
Gowdy will laugh and give them the middle finger. He is tough as nails and doesn't care about impressing the Beltway set.
Trey Gowdy is the perfect guy to lead this investigation. He is a bulldog and will not put up with political stonewalling. This is going to be Must See TV!
How are these WH pool reporters not openly laughing in Carney's face every time he opens his mouth?
Watergate is only perceived as bad because of the persistence of Woodward and Bernstein and the enduring romanticism of the story and movie that lives on in the collective liberal consciousness. As scandals go, it was fairly run-of-the-mill. As in most scandals, the attempted cover-up was worse than the original crime. What makes Benghazi so egregious is of course, the deaths of the ambassador and three other Americans and the lack of coordinated military response, but again, the worst part is the cover-up afterwards. It was purely political from the get-go, designed to deceive the public in an election year. Unlike Watergate, the administration in Benghazi, enjoyed almost total cooperation from the press, who dutifully reported the administration's talking points without question.
And too bad we lack a free press that should be the ones chasing this story instead of doing all it can to help the administration cover it up.
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Look Her in the Eye

LeishaC Wrote: Apr 28, 2014 10:24 AM
Do you believe that all life comes from God? Do you believe God ever makes mistakes in creating a life? You can't argue for abortion in any sense if you believe those things. Lots of things happen to Christians that aren't their choice, but God allows those things to happen to us often to bring deeper blessings or teach deeper lessons. If you believe God is the author of all life, you can't believe that the child conceived in rape is anything but created by God just as much as a child conceived in love.
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