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Darby might have a point, in that to "earn" heaven, you must die to self. The left is all about self. But I also agree with your point about most atheists being mad at God for either doing something they think he shouldn't have, or not doing something they think he should. Their ultimate revenge is not to believe.
Well thank you, Mr. Spock. All the thousands of years of humanity and religion and here you are, the only enlightened one, with the answer. Can't imagine why someone in all of history hasn't stumbled upon this nugget of brilliance before (sarc/off) "There are more things in heaven and earth , rnaber, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
And you are part of the problem, not the solution. You sound awfully fond of those godless liberals.
For a "political historian" you don't know much about the South. A good historian would not paint with such a broad brush.
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Anthony Weiner Has A New Job

LeishaC Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 7:48 AM
Wish I could give this a hundred upvotes!
I read somewhere that 95% of Congress has never taken a class in economics either.
Well, it is rather offensive that Obama said this, as his is the party who champions free stuff for everyone, but I have to agree with him one one hand -- you should make healthcare a priority. But that's where the agreement stops. Yes, $350/month for health insurance is too much for someone on a $36,000/year salary, That's about what I make as a public school teacher. I'm single, so I don't get family discounts on cell phones or such, so my cell bill is about $100/month. A price of $350/month is more than my car payment, and about half of my mortgage. I pay for a pretty hefty cable/internet package, but I don't go to movies often. Those are choices I make for myself. We should have the same choices in buying health insurance, which Obamacare doesnt give us.
No, Jeb is no GWB. He is one of the trumpeters for Common Core, the final nail in the public school coffin, and he is just another squishy RINO.
Do you work hard to be that obtuse, or does it come naturally?
A planned distraction by the Dems, and once again, the GOP plays right into their hands. Instead of talking about Lois Lerner taking the fifth, again, we are wasting time with political theater designed to make everyone forget about the corruption at the IRS.
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