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And this site is no better when they cebsor an honest opinion dealing with Davis and all progressives!
Lerner should be in jail, the one thing aggressors like Lerner never take into consideration is that sooner or later she will answer to REAL AMERICANS, not her phony cohorts in govt !
This is BS, OBAMMI IS MAKING THE UNITED STATES "SERVANTS OF THE WORLD"! We owe these mooching third world countries nothing !
Chuck Hagel is a leftist POS, who has no business being in govt , unless it would be Russia or some other "marxist utopia "!
While I respect Merkel as a German leader, who puts our "commie Kenyan" to shame, I really believe Germans might wait a few more "successful decades" before lecturing other nations about REPRESSION and FREE SPEECH!
You mean "stuttering " panty waist !
Yeah, but the REAL GARBAGE left on jets, limos and went home to mansions !
Why would any rational person pay any attention to this RFK guy, hes an elitist, burn out doper, who has never worked a day in his life ! Coming from a criminal family that got rich bootlegging and has a long history of criminal acts from tax evasion to rapes, to killing women like Kopechne ! As far Decaprio, look at the weirdo punk, not even enough energy to shave and flies around burning jet fuel at his leisure, plus has mansion after mansion with lights and air conditioning running 24/7 ! They are enemies of freedom , and are both good candidates for "retro abortion" if they seek to really help "mother Earth "!
Starve hell, they will just move up here !
Not the children of the 'marxist global socialist world elites", which these traitors believe themselves to be !
Wow, you throw a pretty big net there, what about the Arkansas citizens who are loyal, patriotic Americans , especially the thousands of Arkansas folks who were trampled, stabbed in the back and intimidated during the Clintons "world order orchestrated' climb to 'monarchy" ?
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