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Screw google , I will not use the sight !
Obammi loves this and seeks to kill the AMERICAN ENERGY BUSINESS ! America is made up of naive fools, who dont deserve, and will not have freedom much longer !
I think Im gonna puke, dont you realize this foreigner doesnt care "one wit" about America, other than to further her agenda in the nation where she should stay, you folks are destroying the US !
You dummies need to be praying for real Americans, these foreigners will not ASSIMILATE and WILL DESTROY OUR NATION !
She probably will , here in America, refusing to assimilate but living the good life off our money! Lets worry about ourselves!
Quit worrying about foreigners like this, we need to worry about Americans freedom being destroyed !
Please read my post above, we are on the same page !
Yeah, but see your trying to get to the TRUTH, most "big govt Republicans" are trying to barter these "criminal acts " into political concessions, they DO NOT CARE ABOUT JUSTICE for the American people ! They think NO MORE OF US than the MARXISTS DO !
What is it with these "perverts" at least 90% of the obammi administration you can not tell if they are men or women, OR WHATEVER !
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Slavery Reparations

Legal Texan Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 9:49 AM
There you go again Williams, muddying up the waters of STUPIDITY with COMMON SENSE ! I guess no one takesinto consideration the years of "endless welfare" other Americans have already been forced to supply to millions of negroes ! Plus, I cant think of anything that will "inflame and create more racists" like robbing innocent white Americans again ! My ancestors did work slaqves at one time, but I never "profited or engaged in it, even one time" !
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