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TO HELL WITH CUBA, forget the rest of the mooching world, they are destroying us !
Start killing every illegal in America, they will start to leave, this is my country, not "world socialisms"!
To HELL WITH HISPANIC KIDS, I dont care what happens to them or their scum parents as long as they dont get over here ! War should break out against our "marxist govt !
Part of it will help make obammi one of the "RICHEST RACIST" in the world when he leaves office! You might say the "stimulus chickens" will come home to roost !
What would this "scumbag" know about the highways of America, he and his "family of thieves" fly everywhere at "thousands of dollars an hour"! Plus everything is working so smoothly in America, Im sure we wont mind another " thieving, oppressive tax" ! Just exactly like the VA SYSTEM, refuse service until the public screams, PLEASE TAKE MORE MONEY FROM ME "!
I cant believe you "stoop low enough" to criticize "der fuhrer", uhhhhh, I mean the "interloper" !
Pack of thieves! No thievery or incompetency here, just taxpayers simply dont give these" criminals" enough money !
He knows where a lot of skeletons are buried , be out quick !
Now, lets just move on to Rham Emanuel, and his deranged brother !
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