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Readers, please forgive my spelling mistakes, it is very unlike me, but I HATE THE NEW YORK TIMES !
The "commie NEW YORK TIMES will never be happy until Texas and every other "freedom loving state" is licking the boots of BIG GOVT SOCIALISM ! As a native boen Texan who has watched govt become overreachinf and abusive in Texas just like it has in most other states, I would like to see Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Louisianna, and all the other FREEDOM LOVING STATES "decede " and begin charging a "premium for energy" supplied to the MARXIST STATES !
Doesnt it look like some of the marxist imbeciles living in New York would have something to say about this ???
Well, some people realize voting for these "left wing" Republicans amounts to enslaving Americans , just as surely as voting for "commiecrats" ! Im not saying "refusing to vote" is the way to go, I'M JUST SAYING, where are our choices, there are none !
How people vote means nothing, its the people counting the votes that matter! I , in no way believe the Interloper won the last election, yet Republicans and the "commie converted MSM sat in silence while the "dictatorship claimed victory" !
Any leader who plans war, but has as many people planning a way to help and build "the enemy up" after the conflict , IS THE WRONG LEADER !
Insanity, we feed them, clothe them , and arm them, THEN HAVE TO DEFEND THE WORLD FROM THEM ! When will we ever have leaders who "DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE"??
I'm still waiting to see what kind of CATSTROPHE obammi will have to instigate against our "homeland" for Americans in general to label this criminal the traitor and marxist aggressor that he is ! He and his "tax paid czars" have done more harm to our nation than all the foreign "dictators and foreign wars" we have fought !
How the hellcan anyone from this MARXIST ADMINISTRATION lecture anyone on democracy ! Why dont we leave other countries to find their own govts and quit preaching democracy while the "unamerican federal govt" pushes more and more AUTHORITARIAN RULE on its own people !
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