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I know that not only politicians , but many "egotistical pundits" believe most Americans are to ignorant and removed from the field to make an intelligent decision on not only DODD-FRANK, but all the other intrusions our "unamerican govt " has made into our economic system, but nothing could be further from truth ! Children of the third grade have learned enough about math to know "pluses and minuses" , how sad for our nation that grown, elected Congressmen cannot make a decision without their 'leftist ideologies" leading them to pass more and more govt interference into our SUPPOSED FREE MARKETS !
Just the title was enough to get my approval , the rest of the story was "just icing " !
Why talk about it, she didnt have to kamikazee anyone, and even if she was ordered to do it, there is no proof she would have !
How ironic, obammi is trying to protect Islam by denying that these murderers are Islamic, while most Americans dont consider obammi AN AMERICAN because of his "anti-American actions ! He should be removed from office !
You guys should be more worried about the 'skinny marxist " in the White House, his actions are ruining your childrens country and future !
Who, HIM or HER, the odds are she has battered him far more times than he has her, I dont condone beating women, but all things should be equal! The NFL should have no right to fire him, if the courts incarcerate him, then that would negate their contract, like it is , PC will dprive the woman also, we will see if she stays when the money shuts off !
Its none of the NFL's business, let the courts take care of it! I'm thru with the NFL, ever since they started bowing to the PC GROUP on social issues !
No body gives a damn about his battered wife, its all about controlling men and their ability to earn, society is fed up with mooching blacks, but we allow this "super earner" to be ruined because he hit a woman, and odds are she has hit him far more times than he has her! But we never ask those questions, women and the "dictating left" claim to want equal treatment when, in reality they want "special treatment !
Lots of men have had concussions and worse from violent women, but as usual, the leftist media cares nothing about real EQUAL RIGHTS, they only use the subject to tell women how to vote !
This is BS, does anyone have right to totally demolish this guys career because of hitting this girl, has anyone ever stopped to ask how many times in their relationship SHE HAS HIT HIM, NO, and nobody but me gives a damn ! This may turn out to be the "most equal" of the "overblown equal rights harping" by women, by ruining this guys ability to "earn", the girl will be equally destitute, HOW BRILLIANT ! However, if he goes broke, I dont expect the "poor, mistreated wife" to hang around long !
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