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Romney: Obama's a "Nice Guy" Who's Failed Miserably

leftophobe Wrote: Apr 19, 2012 12:19 PM
I thought Romney played it just right for all the reasons that Guy pointed out. He was smooth and delivered his punches succinctly. I understand MM's outrage but this is a game of concise moves and strategy... every gesture, every word spoken and unspoken matters. Michelle is a critic who is used to expressing herself freely. Our candidate cannot do that.

Mitt Romney has a number of significant shortcomings as the presumptive Republican nominee, but he's already demonstrating that he's prepared to translate the discipline and ruthlessness that helped propel him to the (likely) GOP nod into a general election contest with the president.  Romney was at his on-message, focused best in an interview with Sean Hannity last night, as the two covered a lot of ground during a ten-minute discussion:


Romney and the Republican National Committee are pursuing an extremely...

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