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If Bibi wants Barry's attention, perhaps he should roll around in a bathtub full of milk and cereal.
In the years I worked at "an un-named police department", we only had two major disciplinary issues regarding police officers - both happened to be black. One officer was forced to resign minutes prior to being booked by STL County for smuggling marijuana across states lines. The other was a corrections officer who was releasing female prisoners in exchange for BJ's. Neither made the news because naturally the PD wanted to sweep issues like that under the rug. Having said that, one of the few black officers that works at Ferguson PD is one of the finest police officers on the force. Being black probably helped him get his job but I'm sure it was mostly because of his performance, intelligence and military service. Wish we could clone him.
Not only do I support the Ferguson and St. Louis County police officers, I think that there should be the same kind of show of force along the Rio Grande border crossing points. Light them up with some tear gas.
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Stop the Coming Obamnesty!

leftophobe Wrote: Aug 04, 2014 4:51 PM
Eh, those people will just be transferred to Chicago where they will go virtually unnoticed.
Shock and awe attention grabbing. I wonder what his stance is on abortion. My guess is he's cool with it.
Hell - the only reason Obama is still as high as 30-40% approval is BECAUSE he's the first black president.
Scary isn't it? Scary to think that these same mouth breathers drive down the highway next to you.
Unfortunately, I don't think this meeting will accomplish anything but to make Perry look cold-hearted in front of the "faith leaders". The more exciting story would be: Perry and Obama to Meet in a Dark Texas Alley... alone.
So he has a moment of clarity only when it benefits him specifically. What a narcissistic putz!
And Mitt Romney was crucified for putting his dog on the roof? If this doesn't get wide-spread attention, we are in a world of hurt.
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