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Maybe they are just trying to further divide the Dems by making the vulnerable red/purple state Dems stand with O or break away from him prior to the election.
Love it! I especially love that it knocked the smirk off of Nancy Pelosi's plastic face!
Indeed. It's all about the money. My friend had to take time on a Saturday to go to a county office, take AND PAY $60 for a class on how to raise her (15 y/o) son before her divorce would be finalized. Cha-ching! Think of that fat cash cow! It's a racket!
Flat tax and get the Feds out of the marriage business completely.
What? No free phones and free cable? Can sure tell he's not up for reelection.
FOX and the RNC keep giving him platforms, which makes him think he's still relevant. You're done old man - quit embarrassing yourself and GO HOME!
Right after he pardons him.
Sadly, there are a lot of people dumb enough to buy his BS. That's how we ended up here.
So true... and she even had the nerve to wear the American flag on her lapel. Makes me sick.
You're absolutely right - no one defies the King!
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