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Yeah, assuring health-care for everyone is so sociopathic.. while letting the uninsured/underinsured die or go bankrupt is so enlightened and constitutionally good -hearted! So is spreading lies about the PPACA (what you call Obamacare)
The nature of greed is that very wealthy people buy politicians and brain-wash the right wingers to vote against their own interests .
Before questioning the Canadian system, which is only one example for goverment-run system, and as far as I'm concerned many of the are satisfied with it, let us ask what the American system has to offer for the uninsured/underinsured?
I accept it,ironically those who do not are Americans including your president . I'm just offering another point of view
Did I say anything about waiting12 months? No I didn't.Bacuse it is weeks or maximum 2-3 months for NON emergency. Stop believing the anyting the insurance companies sell you. The fact that line are short in the US is that many are not insured and do not to go the specialist.Does it sound moral to you? I didn't come to the US because of the healthcare, that's for sure.Try to be objective about your country instead telling me to go.
Really? I've heard many things about the Canadian system, not all of themare true,anyway where I came from it's not like that.And please tell me what happens to an uninsured American when he or she has a life-threating condition? Going bankrupt?
By the way I hope to stay healthy!
I have used , and my family used, the system in my country , and been quite happy about it. Can you imagine going to a doctor and not paying co-pay? Deductible? Can you imagine going to a lab and seeing the insurance company receiving a 600$ bill for 4 simple blood test?
You have a lot to learn from other countries. I hope your culture allows this.
You don't seem to be caring- about those who benefit from the law- for example those with pre exixsiting conditons.
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