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Nanny State: Vermont Bans Desserts in School

Lee651 Wrote: 18 hours ago (12:45 PM)
Bt being kind and labeling this as a nanny-ing condition is blinding people to the facts. This is nt being a nanny - the is excercising communist-like control. Would the people who have gave their lives for American freedoms have done so if they ever thought the day would actually come in the US when the state government would tell you what you child could, and could not eat? OF COURSE the proponents of this power grab get around the facts of the matter by saying they are concerned about the kids health (while in the same system they have sexually explicit material in "health classes" concerning sinful sex practices, and also promote murdering unborn babies without notifying parents). But the REALITY is they are CONTROLLING individual choice and NULLIFYING personal freedom. Of course you don't HAVE to be a part of the public system, but the system also knows a lot of parents either cannot afford alternate educational avenues (thanks Obama and his anti-American prosperity team), or would rather spend their time buying 72 inch TVs, the latest blue ray DVDs, and pouring money into gaming systems instead of taking the parental responsibility to make sure their children are getting an actual education instead of becoming fodder for the communist cannons by being brainwashed with liberal lies about America's past/the Constitution/our actual freedoms. This is about communism (= liberalism = socialism - leftist ...do some homework) - NOT just about being a nanny. Peal back the layers of leftist propaganda and call it what it is - not what they would like you to perceive it as. It is much more evil than just being a nanny state.
I don't care what color skin a president has. What I do care about is what will happen when the first, actual black president is elected. obama is only part black and yet wanted to claim this title as a crown also. At best, he could claim to be the first non single race president, but even then, he is not qualified for the office anyway since he was not born here. So technically, he is none of the above, it is hard to beleive the last presidential election was not stolen, so he was ot elected the second time, AND he has (multiple times) broken his oath of office to uphold the Constitution and defend our borders (way back when he joined MX in suing AZ). So he has disqualified himself anyway. And if the government was not so full of communists like him, he would have been out a long time ago anyway. I sure hope that Black America wakes up and history will show he has simply used being part black as a race card, and he certainly is not worthy of being a part of the Black community anyway.
To think someone is actually stupid enough to pay anything at all, let alone that much, for this Anti-American -words do not exist horrible enough to describe - evil-incarnate organism (apologies to organisms everywhere). And to think there are actually people who could care less enough to find out the true, disgusting, baby-butchering mindset of hillary.
So how many of our soldiers' lives must be lost before its considered OK to, instead, just wipe Iraq off of the map? Our modern day philosophy of war is to be as humane as possible. While this is a great sentiment, what has it accomplished? It has allowed us to be able to say we have not won a war for decades, the people we helped come back to kill our boys after a few years, and the conflict never ends. Had the president given permission to go wipe out, completely the communists at the end of WWII, we would have had a lot of US lives spared in the following wars that followed, and people like obama never would have been brought to power b/c the communists would not have been around to infiltrate our way of life. When you eliminate the horrors of war, then the pressing need to end the war - for good - is lessened to the point you get... what we have today. Yes, I would HATE to be the one to have to make an order that I knew would kill innocent people. But is this not what we do when we waste the lives of our own boys on foreign soil? We have the technology to end a conflict rapidly. And in the past, we also, humanely rebuilt the country we used that technology on. When was the last time an imperialist Japanese terror group was seen vowing to eliminate people who did not worship their emperor? How many times would rogue countries be willing to rise up against the freedoms we wish for all men to have if we showed the same might we used to? We NEED to stamp out threats that will one day get powerful enough to attack us on our own soil. But I am sick of how much we tend not to value our own American soldiers' lives for people whose kids end up killing more of our own boys. And drawing out a war like we also allows our own communist puppet media to step in and make sure the lives of our dead soldiers were all for nothing anyway. And anyone blind enough to think the media is not responsible for us losing so many battles needs to go get a good dose of actual history.
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Death On Campus

Lee651 Wrote: May 29, 2014 1:26 PM
Universities have become what liberals desire. The students are brainwashed to be robots with overcharged (and encouraged to mental deranegement) sex drives. They are taught that fact comes from whoever can curse the loudest when someone disagrees. Taxes pay for these robot factories to keep in business. So what do those in charge really care? Their gold plated kitchen faucets won't rust over an issue as paltry as killing off our country one student at a time. Then one day when it all collapses around us, they will point their fingers ad say it was the people who disagreed with them who are at fault. But... they will have to be accountable when standing before God, and they will have to pay for it. I truly feel sorrow for them in light of eternity.
It is hard for puppets to cut their own strings. Liberals base life and decisions on their feelings. Feelings are a matter of heart. The Bible says the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. This is not to say man cannot do the proper thing at times, it is to say that the heart can be, and is deceived so very easily. Facts and self discipline are what brings about the good actions. Setting up feeling as the primary source of motivation is what sets the stage for people who THINK they are fighting for rights, when reality shows they really are being suckered into giving them up.
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What was D-Day?

Lee651 Wrote: May 29, 2014 12:58 PM
Thanks you for this article. I get tired of know-it-all modern, self proclaimed experts slamming US actions in WWII. How easy for us, now so very many years after the war's end, to look back and think we have the answers to what SHOULD have been the proper methods of bringing the war to an end. How childish, rude, and proud (in the wrong way), we are to criticize even something like the atom bomb. How many more people would have died had it not been used? Estimates are 6 MILLION more - including Japanese and Americans - with a ground invasion. I remember an old Star Trek episode, "A Taste of Armageddon," taught the lesson that if we take the horror out of warfare, we end up killing more people b/c we are not as desperate to end the war. This is just one more reason why so many modern Americans lives are lost in wars on so much smaller a scale - such as Afghanistan when compared to WWII - that take increasingly more and more time to win. We "humanely" create less victims in other countries while killing off our own boys. And then the people we sacrificed the lives of our own boys for spit in our faces. How long would the people of a nation put up with terrorism in their borders if they knew certain retribution for allowing them to hide in their country was coming? How long would it take for a country to rise up for themselves and oust the idiots responsible for terrorism if they knew NOT taking action would cost them if the terrorists decided to act against the US and bring their own destruction? Instead they all sit back and let the Americans die to handle the problem they should have taken care of themselves. One of my vet friends was relaying an account to me where there were people shooting at them from inside a house. He said they had an anti-tank weapon with them that would have leveled the house and everything inside. But instead they were forced to advance w/ rifles b/c they were not given permission to use the weapon that would have done the job for them. Their superiors (over the radio in safety) said the use of the weapon was too excessive. So instead they had to risk their lives in order to try to more humanely kill someone who was shooting at them. The people who made the decisions during WWII surely made mistakes b/c they were human. But they obviously did an amazing job or we would not be around to criticize their actions. What a slap in the face to these heroes.
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A Young College Grad Calls My Show

Lee651 Wrote: May 27, 2014 2:40 PM
History will teach us what has worked best and what has worked worst - IF we care about facts rather than our own opinions. War will always be with us. Killing will always be with us. History has shown that the actions which eliminate the most of these evils have been the best. The atom bombs on Japan were a HORRIBLE thing. But what liberals of this day forget to mention is that the study behind the rationale for using it had computed it as the lesser of two evils, believing that millions of lives (on both sides) would be lost if the alternative - a land invasion of Japan - were carried out. It is always easy for those not faced with a dilemma to lecture and speculate about how it should be handled. It is especially easy for liberals to insult America by ignoring the facts of the matter at the time decisions have had to be made. But it also is incredibly easy to study history to find and learn from past mistakes - something liberals cannot stand - facts.
And emphasize one more point. Today's masses of complainers makes for a good opportunity for those who can take some initial discomfort. Take a job where you can advance (yes, like Target or Walmart vs factory work). When you have to start working at the bottom, you will probably not like it. Suck it up, work hard anyway, and do so with a good attitude instead of complaining. Your superiors will see you are a leader and not a typical loser. Your bosses likely are in desperate need of leaders to help them manage the ever growing masses of losers. When someone shines, bosses see them for the non-losers they are, and bosses are willing to pay them well. Bosses start moving the non-losers up through the ranks at an accelerated pace (though still NOT overnight!) - expect at least a couple years at the bottom. This is experience talking from needing people to help manage others, and also from having started over at the bottom throughout the years (my choice).
Islam will likely be the one world religion the Bible says is coming. They will be Satan's tool in slaughtering all who do not agree with them (sound familiar?), and want every Jew killed (sound familiar?). Islam will not just "go away" until the final battle when Christ Himself comes and pours out God's wrath at Armageddon. The main hotbed of violence in this world was started by Abram;s sin when he did not wait fot eh promised child, Isaac, from God, but instead went in to his handmaid and Ishmael was conceived. The son Isaac was a the root of the Jewish nation. Ishmael is at the root of Islam. The battle has waged ever since - the hotbed of violence in the world is between these two nations of people with Ishmael's spawn being the main aggressors (Islam) - to this day Muslims are still taught they are justified in killing those who won't adopt Islam. So it is likely the same problem will blossom into the war of the end times. Islam likely will spread worldwide through its murderous tactics as Satan's final trial of defying God. And, just as history has proven, the Bible again will be correct when Satan is defeated by Christ.
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