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The Sword Is Mightier Than The Pen

Lee651 Wrote: Jan 13, 2015 11:42 AM
There is only one flaw in all of this. It does not get to the root of the problem. The liberal (communist) mindset that has been shaping America - infiltrating education to dumb us down since the 60s - is the real root. Notice its only these idiots who are outraged at the thought of total annihilation of the enemy. We need put a new twist on the old saying... the friend of my enemy is MY ENEMY. Simple - I wish - take every Obama voter (most are likely on welfare and not have free time anyway), and make them put boots on the ground against ISIS. After these idiots see their ridiculous not-really-terrorist friends will reward their kindness with beheading them, the truth might - just MIGHT, mind you - sink into some of those blocks of granite they call heads that - GASP- obama and his ilk LIED! But even if the reality does not sink in, we don't have to worry about the communist puppets bothering us anymore anyway. Their new found not-really-terrorist-Oh-so-peaceful-Mulsim friends will peacefully remove the blocks of granite from their shoulders for them. Get to the root - start prosecuting communist puppets in power and make examples of them - starting with obama. We need to clean up our own back yard, and THEN we can be ready to fight and win. The last war we actually won was WWII - and it was also the last war the communist-puppet media was not swaying the minds of the people and government. War should NEVER be. But it WILL be. So if we try to make it more pleasant by being "humane," history has now proven over and over to us that the enemy will get their way, will still be around to fight another day (or their kids brought up in the same way will be at out throats), and the missing horrors don't press EVERYONE to want the war to stop (including the perps). And on top of these evils, we lose more of our OWN boys in the end. The despicable horrors of war need to be laid out on the nations who would harbor terrorists until that nation is gone, or the nation becomes so sick of war they hunt down and get rid of the terrorists themselves. The atom bombs were horrible, but the figures at the time said it would have cost approximately 6,000,000 lives of both Japanese and American soldiers if they were not used. The horrors were weighed and the lesser of two hellish evils chosen. LEARN from this America. Even the Germans in WWII tried to assassinate Hitler for his warmonging. But they missed - and in the end it cost them everything.
Fraching was so very attacked by the communists mindset of liberals. Thankfully it was ignired in real life. But it is the reason why we have a better econonmy. obama was violently opposed o fracking and aything else that would make America prosperous - and so was the media in general. They hated the truth that fracking is not so poisonous like they claimed it to be - and knew it not to be. But their hate for Americans having a decent living, rather than we-wok-they-get-our-money was/is greater. This is why obama will veto anything allowing prices to fall farther. The FACT of the matter is - and study this historically - when there is a glut of gas and prices are ALLOWED to drop, the economy always gets better. The Carter years saw the biggest lie (until obama) foisted upon the US in the form of the supposed "energy crisis" where we would be running out of petroleum products by the year 2000. The media/government/liberals(communists) LIED, it was proven a lie, an no one ever paid for it. So why is anyone even remotely surprised when these sick anti-American parasites will still be against something like the pipeline? As to obama's polls going up - IF it is true - let's get the truth out about his murdering our boys in Benghazi, impeach this liar, let his own words convict him, and let justice be done by having him hung as a traitor. The we can continue to roll out all the other evils/illegal things he has done, and make a giant plaque in DC with a complete list so no one ever forgets this despicable criminal. This is what the Forefather's would have done... remember Benedict Arnold - but its not what the sick product our society has produced in the form of government would ever do nowadays - b/c it would be American.
I truly beleive the elected officials have come to see the reality that the majority of Americans are simply not much above the level of ignorant animals in terms their main goals being living for self gratification. Hence the elected officials see themselves in a different world. They feel they are the true humans left in our society. So the evil established ones see no use working to do anything for the general populace. Once they are in a position of power, they let the power corrupt them (after all - the masses are too brainless anyway to really know what they want.). Sure, there are some who know some of us out here are concerned about real life instead of prime time, facebook, and football, but they also know we are the endangered species. The communist mindset - which liberals are too stupid to even know they have - has killed off America by killing actual education. They made dumb masses and continue to foster this. It has gotten so bad that when running for office, people want to make a change, but after elected see the futility of it - so they start to live just for themselves also. And, as we have seen in this article, those who DO have character enough to do what is correct are stripped of power by those over them. So I guess taking moral and Biblical principles out of schools in the 60s really did produce a better society right? I guess we were right to stop telling kids the difference between right and wrong, to not worry about personal responsibility etc. America, we are the victims of what our grandparents did not put a stop to b/c they figured it would just sort itself out. And what really gives the communists minds satisfaction is that not only did they get their way, but the masses are too stupid to even know they are not in a free country anymore.. but.. they have their obama phones!
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Où était Barack?

Lee651 Wrote: Jan 13, 2015 10:40 AM
Personally I would think anyone with common sense should be offended, but also at the same time very happy obama's foul stench was not present. Who wants a sick-minded, narcicistic, traitorous, murdering, pro-terrorist at a memorial service honoring decent human beings?
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URGENT: It's Not Islam

Lee651 Wrote: Jan 10, 2015 12:15 PM
Is the author trying to escape a fate such as those who were recently slaughtered in France? Is he trying to appease those who would kill him for badmouthing their sometimes nice on the surface but evil and vindictive to the core religion of hatered, child abuse, women abuse and death? Read the Hadeth from which the Koran comes! Even their own scholars cannot explain horrors and true nature of their prophet. The true story is hidden from the majority of Muslims - and most won;t research their own writings themselves (sounds familiar). It IS Islam that makes the terrorists from Muslims who won;t seek the truth of Islam's roots. Prove it to yourself by doing your homework.
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Cosby's Message Survives Personal Disaster

Lee651 Wrote: Nov 28, 2014 10:15 AM
Media - liberal who say they are for black people - stirring up a hornets nest to promote racism. How about getting something important out there like obama killing our men at Benghazi - and hounding the issue until he is brought to trial for it? How about the fact Sheriff Joe showed obamas birth certificate will not hold up in a court of law? No.. instead let's play the masses into anger once again, repeat the Ferguson sham by assuming guilt, and stir up racial problems yet again. I don;t know if Cosby is innocent, and I specifically would detest his personal hypocrisy if he is. BUT WE DON'T KNOW THAT YET - and this is SUPPOSED to be AMERICA where we are INNOCENT until proven guilty. Its not supposed to be GUILTY b/c the media and anti-Americans (liberals) want their own way.
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An Inconvenient Law

Lee651 Wrote: Nov 27, 2014 2:44 PM
Let's see - 25 times he says he cannot do it b/c he is not allowed to by the Constitution, then after all possible retribution is off, goes ahead and does what he knows he is not allowed to. And there are still people thinking he can be trusted? How can humans be so disgustingly ignorant of reality?
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Slaughter in the Synagogue

Lee651 Wrote: Nov 27, 2014 2:40 PM
From the beginning they have been the antithesis of peace, and good will toward men. It makes sense since Jehovah favored Israel, a legitimate son, that Ishmael (his illegitimate brother born out their father being impatient in waiting for God's timing, would become the root of the most evil of religions in the world. Satan is in control of this world. Abyone not thinking so needs to see how history has been slanted against the Jews - God's chosen people, and get a wake up call to see the real picture. And... I am not Jewish
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What Racially Biased Policing Looks Like

Lee651 Wrote: Nov 27, 2014 2:34 PM
Instead of complaining about it, offer a solution. Since the majority of jail are filled with mostly minorities, its kind of obvious why minorities might be targeted. There are policemen who will take their authority too far (I have had this happen and I am not a minority). But by limiting what the police can do, you make it easier for criminals and only compound the situation. This is all a nice way of saying... life's NOT fair... and if someone thinks it is, they live in a fantasy world. The LOGICAL fact of the matter is that if jails were crammed full of whites, then the whites would be the ones who would be complaining of racial profiling. Its a reality brought on by the masses of our society. When you can change that... you can change the problem. So instead of continuing to give fodder to people complaining about it - and therefore worsen the situation by planting seeds of "poor me" and helping them grow - realize its not going to change and live with it. The alternative is a lot worse - criminals being able to do anything they want by limiting or police forces. And no, I am not a cop, or have any relation to one. My best friend is reality..
A sad testimony to the day we live in is when being mentally deranged is applauded. The American Psychological Association, Dr, Spitner specifically, was the one in the 80's who (his own words) caved into political pressure and said homosexuality was genetic. This was in a day when genetics could not even tell what genes made eye color - what a joke! But the media ran with it, lying to everyone for the past ~30 years and people were stupid enough to believe it )which was expected by the media). The APA told the truth (the same Dr. Spitner even) in 2007 when genetics caught up and proved tit is NOT natural and genetic. The APA classifies homosexuality (as it did scientifically, and correctly before the 80s) as a mental derangement like pedophilia, kleptomania, schizophrenia, etc. Mentally deranged people can make good contributions to society, but overall their not being treated and helped is a detriment not only to themselves, but to those they influence as well. So while these mentally deranged homosexuals shove their sickened agenda in your face - remember the facts - the kleptomaniacs, pyromaniacs, etc. etc. are the nicer of the mentally deranged individuals b/c they aren't, en masse, trying to force on people the lie that they are healthy, normal individuals. And... ALL of these people need help/cured - not hatred - and certainly not special privileges to make them think they are normal and further worsen their conditions.
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