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Newer New Math

Lee651 Wrote: Oct 03, 2014 11:07 AM
The problem with US math is that they teach procedures instead of understanding. This has been going on long enough it is likely those over 65 reading this are the only ones who were NOT taught this way. The sad part is that even most teachers have no concept of what to say when a child asks, "when will i ever use this stuff?" Most teachers have no concept that use of procedures and formulas is NOT what they are to be teaching. It sickens me most math teachers I personally questioned have no concept as to why a number divided by zero is "undefined." Shouldn't a teacher UNDERSTAND the reasoning behind the subject that is supposed to be about TEACHING kids how TO REASON - not just how to put numbers into a set formula? The blind leading the blind. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life. When I was allowed to teach math the way it used to be taught, students were taught how to reason out the formulas. They then could use them as a shortcut and as a STEPPING STONE for problems not fitting the exact paterns. On standard achievement tests (you remember ... those little fill in the circle tests) they finished their math sections 10 minutes and more to spare; and the scores were overall 56% above national standard (including private schools). Fractions and percents in their heads? No problem - it was (and is, should be) common sense - it was to our grandfathers! And we are supposed to be so much more "advanced" today. I was then put in a school where they had no concept (no surprise) about mathematics - except that it was a bunch of formulas. I was told I could not take the time to initially make sure the kids understand the basics and could do them with ease (such as fractions, decimals, square roots, cube roots, prime factoring) material, b/c sticking to the schedule was more important Needless to say, we got nowhere near as far as when I was able to help kids understand the basics first. Of course standardized test scores went back down to national average (sad). A student should always led to a procedure/formula by logical steps they can grasp. It should "MAKE SENSE" to them. The "new math" was all part of the dumbing down of America. And we are now on the second step - common core. communists (liberals) love this - it makes more puppets for them.
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What the Arab World Produces

Lee651 Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 9:18 AM
So they really aren't a religion of peace? Oh c'mon - you are just giving us facts from history! Who needs these? Get with it - watch our media to see the real story. And surely, why should we countries who are not Islamic in our stands mind if they come to our countries and try to impose Sharia law on us? Now while we are pointing the finger at people who gladly behead others, lets also not forget our own liberal (communist puppet) laws which allow children to be pulled apart, a piece at a time, while still in the womb. Yes, the world is such a beautiful, peaceful place with lefties and the Arab world.
As always, this is a lie. Notice ho he calls them ISIL instead of ISIS? This is a nod in ISIS' favor as it means the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Levant is the area of land between Africa and Turkey - and includes Israel. Every time he says this, the Muslims like it b/c he is saying Israel is not its own country, but part of the Muslim area. in other words, no surprise here, he spits in the face of the Israelis, gives the Muslims a good laugh, and shows support for their (obama and ISIS) evil cause.
Why is it that people keep referring to the peanut farmer as the worst? Review clinton's presidency and you will find he was obama the first. It was clinton whose policies of forcing banks to make loans never to be paid back that laid the groundwork for our current depression. It was clinton who initially tried to get governmental healthcare passed - and almost did. He was, is, and always shall be a communist minded, anti-American, sociopath. It was clinton who made a mockery of the White House Oval Office with Lewinsky. If people would have used their heads back when clinton was in office, this obama blight might never have happened as we would have learned our lesson. clinton and obama are evil to the core. Carter was just legitimately inept, and so was a puppet for the commies to have their way with the country. BTW - I refuse to kowtow to the wishes of the communists who call themselves liberals, progressives, socialists, whatever. They are communist - a lot of them without the knowledge to understand it. And I said the same during the clinton era about them when the communists' favored term was "social democrats." If it smells like s skunk - it is a skunk.
I feel so very sorry for this child. Can you imagine having a world class evil, anti-American sociopathic grandfather like clinton for a grandfather? Can you imagine having to say it was your grandfather that initiated the largest financial collapse in modern history (forcing banks to give loans to those who had no means of paying back), helped destroy prosperity of the US, and laid the groundwork for a modern depression era worldwide? How about the sad legacy this child will inherit and have to admit having unspeakably disgraceful relations in the White House to assuage his lost? Can you imagine having to admit your grandfather was directly responsible in murdering untold numbers of children by signing late term abortion into law? Then you there is also the grandmother who you know would have thought nothing of having you killed in the womb by being ripped apart piece by piece. This is akin to being a child offspring of the most evil people in history. If this child grows up anything but mentally disturbed, it will be a miracle. I sincerely feel sorry for this family in light of eternity.
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BREAKING: Eric Holder to Resign

Lee651 Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 7:15 PM
He needs to be held accountable for the innocent lives of Americans he had a hand in murdering in F&F. If not, I hope some sort of justice is somehow meeted out. This inhuman, anti-American trash will one day be held accountable. Whether here in this world, or in eternity, his past will catch up with him..
Bt being kind and labeling this as a nanny-ing condition is blinding people to the facts. This is nt being a nanny - the is excercising communist-like control. Would the people who have gave their lives for American freedoms have done so if they ever thought the day would actually come in the US when the state government would tell you what you child could, and could not eat? OF COURSE the proponents of this power grab get around the facts of the matter by saying they are concerned about the kids health (while in the same system they have sexually explicit material in "health classes" concerning sinful sex practices, and also promote murdering unborn babies without notifying parents). But the REALITY is they are CONTROLLING individual choice and NULLIFYING personal freedom. Of course you don't HAVE to be a part of the public system, but the system also knows a lot of parents either cannot afford alternate educational avenues (thanks Obama and his anti-American prosperity team), or would rather spend their time buying 72 inch TVs, the latest blue ray DVDs, and pouring money into gaming systems instead of taking the parental responsibility to make sure their children are getting an actual education instead of becoming fodder for the communist cannons by being brainwashed with liberal lies about America's past/the Constitution/our actual freedoms. This is about communism (= liberalism = socialism - leftist ...do some homework) - NOT just about being a nanny. Peal back the layers of leftist propaganda and call it what it is - not what they would like you to perceive it as. It is much more evil than just being a nanny state.
I don't care what color skin a president has. What I do care about is what will happen when the first, actual black president is elected. obama is only part black and yet wanted to claim this title as a crown also. At best, he could claim to be the first non single race president, but even then, he is not qualified for the office anyway since he was not born here. So technically, he is none of the above, it is hard to beleive the last presidential election was not stolen, so he was ot elected the second time, AND he has (multiple times) broken his oath of office to uphold the Constitution and defend our borders (way back when he joined MX in suing AZ). So he has disqualified himself anyway. And if the government was not so full of communists like him, he would have been out a long time ago anyway. I sure hope that Black America wakes up and history will show he has simply used being part black as a race card, and he certainly is not worthy of being a part of the Black community anyway.
To think someone is actually stupid enough to pay anything at all, let alone that much, for this Anti-American -words do not exist horrible enough to describe - evil-incarnate organism (apologies to organisms everywhere). And to think there are actually people who could care less enough to find out the true, disgusting, baby-butchering mindset of hillary.
So how many of our soldiers' lives must be lost before its considered OK to, instead, just wipe Iraq off of the map? Our modern day philosophy of war is to be as humane as possible. While this is a great sentiment, what has it accomplished? It has allowed us to be able to say we have not won a war for decades, the people we helped come back to kill our boys after a few years, and the conflict never ends. Had the president given permission to go wipe out, completely the communists at the end of WWII, we would have had a lot of US lives spared in the following wars that followed, and people like obama never would have been brought to power b/c the communists would not have been around to infiltrate our way of life. When you eliminate the horrors of war, then the pressing need to end the war - for good - is lessened to the point you get... what we have today. Yes, I would HATE to be the one to have to make an order that I knew would kill innocent people. But is this not what we do when we waste the lives of our own boys on foreign soil? We have the technology to end a conflict rapidly. And in the past, we also, humanely rebuilt the country we used that technology on. When was the last time an imperialist Japanese terror group was seen vowing to eliminate people who did not worship their emperor? How many times would rogue countries be willing to rise up against the freedoms we wish for all men to have if we showed the same might we used to? We NEED to stamp out threats that will one day get powerful enough to attack us on our own soil. But I am sick of how much we tend not to value our own American soldiers' lives for people whose kids end up killing more of our own boys. And drawing out a war like we also allows our own communist puppet media to step in and make sure the lives of our dead soldiers were all for nothing anyway. And anyone blind enough to think the media is not responsible for us losing so many battles needs to go get a good dose of actual history.
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