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I Shrugged

lee362 Wrote: Jul 03, 2013 8:51 AM
I am disappointed but believe that you remain a good libertarian -- even good libertarians disagree on a wide variety off important issues like abortion and the death penalty and even immigration. But I do think you err in taking this position. Yes, government does indeed do many worse things but the spying is still very bad. We have already had plenty of evidence that government will go after political opponents -- Frank van der Sloot;IRS targeting Zionists, pro-lifers, fiscal conservatives, etc.; Gibson Guitar; a too many more to list. We already know that collection of metadata (and they may of course be collecting a lot more) allows analysts to identify the political beliefs and intentions of those being spied upon. Putting two and two together, it is reasonable to believe that the spying will allow the feds to identify their small-government opponents and target them for audits and prosecutions and other harassments -- remember, you and Harvey Silveglate recently discussed how all of us violate numerous laws every day -- prosecutions would be easy to pursue successfully. But even if all of these speculations are incorrect, there is no doubt that the fact that there is spying will chill activity in organizations that promote libertarian issues -- surely this is sufficient to advocate fairly strongly against even the collection of metadata. In liberty, Lee Nason New Bedford, Massachusetts