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You seem to be forgetting Mitt Romney's record and his stated intentions which included, among other things, 1. Initiating Romneycare which is destroying healthcare in Massachusetts -- a friend in a bad accident had to wait 3 months after rehab to get a doctor to see him because doctors here won't take new Medicare patients! 2. Indexing minimum wages to inflation -- guaranteeing the least skilled among us will continue to be unable to find starter jobs commensurate with their skills. And more. While Obama is probably the worst President in my (long) lifetime and Romney might have done better, Romney did not have it in him to make the sorts of changes that we need in order to head this country away from European style socialism. At most he would only give conservative ideas a bad name as his compromise policies failed. Lee Nason New Bedford, Massachusetts
I attended the district Republican caucus for Ron Paul and not only did we not throw temper tantrums -- even though the mainstream Republicans changed the rules on us in the middle of the process and improperly invalidated some of our votes -- we were the only folks who presciently understood that Mitt Romney, as admirable a human being as he is, could not win the presidency. We are all free-market capitalists and as diametrically opposed to Marxism as possible. The mainstream Republicans were simply delusional. Ann Coulter, as funny as she is, shares the delusions. Lee Nason New Bedford, Massachusetts
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Things I Don't Understand

lee362 Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 8:24 AM
As usual, you are right on. But I do think that the Ebola victim transport can be explained simply. The CDC was merely trying to head off the predictable criticism that would be dished out by malicious conservatives or ignorant voters. Conspiracies are rare. Always go with the theory that posits stupidity or political motivations first. Lee Nason New Bedford, Massachusetts
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The Left's Ridiculous Burger King Freakout

lee362 Wrote: Aug 29, 2014 7:12 AM
Patriotic fervor might reasonably be expected to incentivize BK to relocate its headquarters to Rio. The truth is that this particular move is not all that radical in terms of taxes -- Canadian provincial corporate taxes (which fund their national health system) are quite high and largely offset the low Canadian federal tax rate. The real benefit to BK of the relocation will be the fact that they will no longer be penalized for bringing home (to either Canada or the US) their after-tax profits from China and France and they will avoid the absurd and costly US tax regulations. Lee Nason New Bedford, Massachusetts
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Libertarians, Ferguson, and "Racism"

lee362 Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 7:09 AM
While I believe it is appropriate to wait for evidence in the Ferguson case before making any accusations, your rant regarding libertarians seems uninformed. Declaring that racism (and sexism, for that matter) don't exist does not make nasty behavior motivated by racism and sexism disappear. These base motivations are common enough for all people of color and all women to have experienced them in their everyday lives. What differentiates libertarians from progressives and conservatives is our unwillingness to address every social problem with government force. So here's the political breakdown as best I can see it: Progressives see the problem and advocate government action to correct it. Libertarians see the problem and advocate persuasion and non-coercive voluntary action to correct it (e.g., boycotts and social ostracism). Conservatives deny there is a problem. Lee Nason New Bedford, Massachusetts
The local newspaper reports that my community has absorbed over 400 immigrant kids in the past two years. They also quoted a local immigration attorney as saying that not one of his clients had failed to get a visa. A few days later, the newspaper reported that standardized tests showed a decline in academic performance of up to 30% over the school year. Does anyone think that these two stores are not related? Lee Nason New Bedford, Massachusetts
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'God Bless America,' With Irony

lee362 Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 7:45 AM
I am an open borders advocate (raised by immigrant grandparents who came here as WWI loomed and the Russian Revolution started raging), but I think you are missing what is happening here. The uptick in immigration is not due to violence (which has been decreasing over the past three years in Honduras (slightly), Guatemala (by about 15%) and El Salvador (by about 40%). It is due to the 2012 DACA Executive Order unilaterally imposed by President Obama which has the effect of luring minors and related others to undertake hazardous journeys in the justified expectation of being given legal status and eventual citizenship. That would be fine and well with me if the kids could take care of themselves but they can't. The end result is that American taxpayers get all the costs of taking care of needy, often sick, sometimes criminal immigrants while getting none of the benefits of having hard-working families contributing their productivity to our prosperity. This lopsided immigration policy has the consequence of making a more tolerant immigration policy impossible to enact. What you are missing is the fact that these immigrants are being used as pawns by President Obama. He lured them here knowing that there would be justifiable backlash and natural humanitarian concerns would be raised. And the resulting mess would keep the issue alive and unresolvable in order to benefit Democratic Party candidates. Every Latino vote in the country will go to them and the Democrats get, as a bonus, the votes of all the immigrants who are ultimately granted citizenship or who manage to vote without the benefit of citizenship. We really have no choice but to take care of these immigrants so that will certainly happen. But please focus on the cynical ploy that Democrats are using to gain political advantage. The Democratic strategy is sabotaging the enactment of a more sensible immigration policy, luring youngsters to embark on manifestly hazardous journeys, and costing taxpayers a bundle. In order to eliminate this mess, we need to determine the cause accurately and focus on repeal of DACA. We should not allow our humanitarian concerns to overwhelm us and we should not be distracted by the lies about false causes (such as violence or Bush's immigration reform bill) being promulgated by Democrats. Lee Nason New Bedford, Massachusetts
Great fact finding. Precisely what was needed. Lee Nason New Bedford, Massachusetts
I agree with the basic analysis. But when the DC court reviews the decision in full, it will probably be overturned since Obama packed that court with progressive judges following Reid's implementation of the nuclear option. Still hope remains for this line of attack. There are two more similar cases pending in Indianapolis and Oklahoma City. Since those two district courts have solid Republican majorities in judicial positions, it seems likely that at least one of them will declare the HHS/IRS disregard for the plain language of the law is improper. Then the case will have to be heard by the Supreme Court. Still, the Supreme Court could go either way. Remember Chief Justice Robert's mental gymnastics to justify the individual mandate as a "tax" when even the law's advocates were declaring loudly and publicly that the individual mandate was not a tax. We live in sorry times. Lee Nason New Bedford, Massachusetts
Dr. Paul: I agree with you on just about every issue I can think of but I do believe you are at least partially wrong on this one. First, all of the things you said weren't being reported on have, in fact, been reported -- not always in the major media but that information is readily available either on FOX or in popular websites. But the evidence for blaming Putin/separatists is much more overwhelming than you seem to believe: We do have the initial tweets, we do have the blatant lies being promulgated by pro-Russian media, we do have the obvious obstruction of the investigation. But I do agree with you on the main issue. The fact that Putin is a thug and the fact that the ethnic Russian separatists are a minority attempting to impose Russian will on a majority Ukrainian population does not mean that we should be arming the nationalists who also appear to be bad lot or even imposing economic sanctions on Russia. Our involvement can only make a very bad situation worse and would impose unreasonable costs on Americans to boot. To the extent that you are arguing against the counterproductive proposals of neo-cons, bravo. To the extent that you are arguing that Putin or the separatists are perhaps justified, brickbats. Lee Nason New Bedford, Massachusetts
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