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A slow reader's lament

lee362 Wrote: Jul 19, 2012 7:03 AM
Up to age 65 I saved every book I had read. My home was wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor with them. Three years ago I donated all except the most beloved ones to the annual library book fair. I didn't want to burden my son with having to do something with them after I died. I have started collecting again but I do feel much better -- like a reformed addict. Lee Nason New Bedford, Massachusetts

BEACHES AREN'T MY THING, and reading on beaches even less so. I've never understood how anyone can enjoy a book in the midst of all that sand, glare, and greasy suntan lotion. For reading ambiance, I'll take an easy chair in an air-conditioned room , and leave the damp swimsuits and gritty beach towels to those who appreciate them.

On the other hand, I love the special summer reading lists that newspapers and magazines publish as beach season approaches each year. I love the expanded book sections that appear before the holiday season every winter too. For that...