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Entitlement Reforms

lee2012 Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 4:52 PM
First of all I referred to the last 40yrs. Essentially I was going back to Regan and the 97th Congress. The trend since then, has been more Republican controll. Repubs held the Senate 8 times and Dems 6, in the House, Repubs 7 times & Dems 9. Before the 97th Congress there were more Dem controlled congress. Now match that trend line with the eviceration of the middle class and the wealth gap. Scary right? By evolutionary, I mean... we are what we eat. We "choose" to buy on credit more than ever, banks want us buying on credit more than ever, we want the big house now not later. Take your pick.

For those of us who like to believe that human beings are rational, trying to explain what happens in politics can be a real challenge.

For example, that segment of the population that has the least to fear from a reform of Medicare or Social Security is the most fearful -- namely, those already receiving Medicare or Social Security benefits.

It is understandable that people heavily dependent on these programs would fear losing their benefits, especially after a lifetime of paying into these programs. But nobody in his right mind has even proposed taking away the...