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DC Defines Pepper Spray as a Firearm

LecturerRich Wrote: Aug 04, 2014 11:52 AM
in NY these are the rules: The New York State Self-Defense Spray Law - Penal Law 265.20 Requires special labeling and control of sales. In order to purchase this product the law states: • You must be over the age of 18. • You must have no history of felony convictions or assaults. • Product must be purchased from an authorized dealer, pharmacy or gun dealer. • You must complete a form with your name, address, birth date and signature. REMEMBER • You can’t bring a spray from another state into New York. • You can’t buy it online. • You can’t give it to a minor. It use to be illegal in NY, In NJ it is legal but there are lots of restrictions on size and contents
Well written but as usually it will get buried because it does not fit the narrative. See Democrats are peace loving, and love everyone and it is only those nasty repubs that hate and hate everyone. Can't have the peons being confused with the facts.
almost everyone in the field thinks they know everything - the new ones because they were told it in school and the experienced ones because they are told it on the job. None of it is true, they know their small area and think that makes them gods. I know because I was in the tech field for 28 years and saw it but now I am teaching it at a University and it is even worse there.
just heard about duckduckgo and switched to it to try out. I am also looking for a new browser and looking at Opera. we will see.
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The Paranoids are Back

LecturerRich Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 6:48 PM
Sorry Pasul you just showed that you really do not understand. If we follow common core as it is being dictated we will have student that may pass the tests but will know nothing and especially not be able to do anything in the STEM areas. We will just become another 3rd rate country. You know we put people on the moon withe the old math and science why does it require a student to draw little circles representing the values and then count them now-a-days to do the same thing. When a parent who is an accountant or somebody who works with numbers all day can not help their child with their math homework something is wrong. When Homework become a group project something is terribly wrong. It is garbage of the worse kind and thankfully more and more states are realizing it.
from the article: They were developed by states, allowing states to compare their students' performance. no it wasn't it was created by a third party of non-educators, mostly sociologists, who created and copyrighted the "standard" . The Feds offered it to the states with millions of grant money as a bribe and the second bribe of a wavier from the no child left behind requirements. it is a race to the bottom farce. The testing is owned by a private company who stores the results in its own database not at schools. The school heads never saw it until it was imposed upon them and can not change it either.
It is getting to, actually long past the point, where sending you child to public schools is child abuse. They do not educate the propagandize and load up the rest of this garbage, HOME SCHOOL!
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Poverty and Snow Storms

LecturerRich Wrote: May 20, 2014 5:14 PM
i teach at a state university and unfortunately the education has failed all of our students, white, black, Hispanic, Asian or whatever. They have been dumbed down and taught that they are entitled. To what is never said just entitled. resulting in all of they expecting to receive without working for it. Okay maybe too extreme, there is a good number who work and work hard. I was a faculty marshal at graduation and saw lots of my students and other that were the first ones to go to college and others whose other siblings were the first and they worked for it. An the joy on the families faces was pure joy to me and made it all worth while. I kick butt all the time but if I see that they need help and want to work I am there while I am kicking their butt to make sure they do not give up. Not totally lost yet, just do what we can one kid at a time.
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Solutions to Black Education

LecturerRich Wrote: Feb 27, 2014 8:03 PM
I am thinking that your comment is sarcasm as the opposite is usually true of home schooled children. The reality is that are often very social, comfortable with all age groups, do well in k-12 and then in college. In general the lead happy productive lives, oh I forgot they do act while in that respect so they must not be happy.
Sorry you just do not seem to understand that we have to eliminate those jobs otherwise how can the government help them. Think about how much free time they will have to enjoy all those government benefits. Isn't that better than working? /
That is because it cost about $3 million per mile to do and you still would have exposed lines at the power and substations. The utility companies are not as stupid as our senators
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