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I grew up in NYC during the 50's and when I was in the 3rd grade (8yo) I walked to school taking my 6 y0 brother with me. Sometimes there were other kids going the same way some times not. By 10 I was riding the subways, though just for a few stops to get to church. By 12 I was riding the subways and buses around Queens and Mid-town Manhattan. No one even thought it was strange
If you look into the realm of ethics there is an ethical theory called Kantianism. At it's base it says that the only consistent good is good will, which in application is good intentions. I.e. if you intention is good it is okay, consequences do not matter, only that your intentions were good. Now this is a simplification but essentially what it boils down to. So good at liberals/progressives. Everything that they do is based on "good" intentions the consequences are not important just the intentions. They will actually come out and say we did not intend for X to happen we had the best intentions and X was unforeseen. X was often foreseen by many people and stated but not by them. Now I want to be honest and say it is not limited to left/progressives you see it just about every politician left and right, it allows them to think they are doing something when many of us would actually pay them to stay home and not do anything.
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The 20-year Demise of a Blue State

LecturerRich Wrote: Dec 22, 2014 3:40 PM
the left keep moving to a new state figuring maybe they will get it right this time but more likely id that by ruining all the states everyone will be miserable which I think is what they truly want.
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Holidays and a Mother's Love

LecturerRich Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 12:53 PM
It is hard - my mother died just 4 months after my daughter was born, 19 years ago. Even now I still think; boy mom would have enjoyed that, meaning something my daughter did. My dad died 3 years later so he had a little time with her. It does get better because you tend to remember the really good things that bring a smile to your face. Do those things that you did with her while growing up, they become more precious as time goes by.
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Tortured Reasoning

LecturerRich Wrote: Dec 16, 2014 5:20 PM
nothing new the politicians lost Viet Nam after we had won the war
it is really bad when you loose SNL!
sorry driven do-gooder has not thought that maybe he should isolate himself just to be sure he is not sick. Nah, not him, he doesn't have to do that, couldn't possibly be sick...
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The Terrorist-Sympathizing Opera

LecturerRich Wrote: Oct 24, 2014 10:52 AM
ever since Peter Gelb took over the Met it has been going down hill and this is just another example of that. The Met use to be the definition of GRAND Opera. No longer, it has become a very expensive status symbol for progressives. Sigh
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Dr. Emanuel's Death Wish

LecturerRich Wrote: Oct 06, 2014 6:35 PM
sorry - to the progressive retirement is when you die so the government gets all your money. What do you mean you want to spend it yourself?
actually it may save lives in that the cops won't shoot a toy gun carry desperado.
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