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Solutions to Black Education

LecturerRich Wrote: Feb 27, 2014 8:03 PM
I am thinking that your comment is sarcasm as the opposite is usually true of home schooled children. The reality is that are often very social, comfortable with all age groups, do well in k-12 and then in college. In general the lead happy productive lives, oh I forgot they do act while in that respect so they must not be happy.
Sorry you just do not seem to understand that we have to eliminate those jobs otherwise how can the government help them. Think about how much free time they will have to enjoy all those government benefits. Isn't that better than working? /
That is because it cost about $3 million per mile to do and you still would have exposed lines at the power and substations. The utility companies are not as stupid as our senators
Nah, New Jersey has everyone beat
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Cruz Control? Part II

LecturerRich Wrote: Feb 20, 2014 12:06 PM
re: Unfortunately, Speaker Boehner is just the latest in a long line of Republican "leaders" with the same disregard of the need to explain their position in plain English. Hey the elite don't have to explain themselves you know
When I lived in NY the bullet had to be at least .30 caliber to be legal for Big Game hunting. I do not know if that has changed but if not the .223 would not be considered powerful enough
you repeating the same nonsense does not make it right
unfortunately what they call, and probably you, reasonable restrictions are not reasonable and have been shown time and time again to accomplish nothing but increase the burden on law abiding citizens. The mass shootings are mostly done those with mental problems and that information is not in and most likely never will be in the existing background check system. Second, the right to bear arms is a constitutional right besides a human right. Martin Luther Kings was denied a pistol permit because those in charge thought t was a reasonable restriction.
Bush, obviously - he will follow "o"'s lead
so the city will now get what they voted for - hope they enjoy it
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