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Non sensical and yet the United States military has been stymied by Iraqis, Vietnamese, and others round the world with Ak-47s and IEDs, 300 million armed citizens could easily rebuff this military especially if winning meant destroying the land that sustains them.
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The Myth of 'Traditional Marriage'

LeBelieuDad Wrote: Feb 09, 2014 10:32 AM
"offering a framework for procreation", am I missing something or can anything other than a male female relationship lead to procreation, the creation of children? Wasn't aware of that Mr. Chapman, thanks for that bold step in biology and anatomy...
Isn't Tim Scott a Senator not a Representative?
We must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants
McDonalds in France has cut workers, they pay a higher minimum wage so they automated the order process. More money for a few workers, less jobs for more workers, less cost for the customer. Let the protestors and their limousine liberal masters price themselves out of a job and eventually price out the productive class that buys votes
I like it just fine, their stores are awesome
The "poor" in the U.S. have larger living spaces, cars, and luxuries that the middle class of France envy. I know my wife is French and I lived in France for 3 years, our middle class jobs got us a 2 bedroom apartment for twice as much and half the space, no appliances, no fans, no ac, nothing but a small space to live. We made do and were ok, but now we're "poor" in America and have more disposable income, larger apartment for our family, appliances, and pay less for goods and services. Also no 3 hour wait for a doctor visit...yet
Germany and Switzerland also have no minimum wage, France has a "higher" standard of living but people have less take home pay. Also they have higher infant mortality rates in Europe because they doctor their standards, ie premature babies that we count in the U.S. are not counted in Europe because they are too small. Also like when China has "better test scores" because they only test their best students. We test everyone and still rank in the top 20, other nations fudge the numbers and get ahead. You're spot on Bliefus, apples and oranges, and as an aside England with it's strict anit-gun laws has more violent crime per capita than the U.S., Sweden also ranks higher than us.
I find it odd that we would remove a memorial to veterans because of a cross. In France, a declared secular country, there are numerous crosses for the dead of their wars, from 1870-WWII, nobody in that declared secular state sees the need to remove crosses. They recognize a memorial versus the state forcing a particular religion. @$$ clowns with too much time, too much money, too little brains.
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