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It seems we have a President, that is more in Love with himself than the Nation, America where did we go wrong?
I saw today from, 1965.
Sorry there are legal and illegal ways to come into this Nation, what do other countries do if you go in illegally? This just shows the true lack of understanding our elected officials have, yes all people have human rights, but to get citizen rights, you must be a legal citizen, what are citizen rights, the right to vote, pay taxes, get food stamps if truly needed, welfare if truly needed, medicaid if truly needed, the right to stand for your Nation and know it's the best there is, we are not perfect, but, we hold ideals and values that make us special, some radicals started it over 200 years ago and We The People need to keep it alive today.
My faith for Hillary is that she will never be elected to office again. Way too many unanswered questions, cover-up's, misinformation from her. If you want her take her, but keep her out of office, she is not what America needs.
I know many people that did not go to college, and they have more common sense and brains than those that did. Also after looking at college today, I think I would trust a non-college educated person over a college educated one, The one that did not go, has not been brainwashed as much as the one that did.
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The GM Scandal Is Worse Than You Think

Leb2 Wrote: Apr 05, 2014 10:02 AM
This Administration is more concerned about covering it's butt, than the safety of the Citizen. The big question after all this time is, Why is this Administration still in power? Are we now more interested in freebe's given by the government than we are our rights, freedoms and liberties? If so we are a dead nation.
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Why Hillary Clinton Will Win in 2016

Leb2 Wrote: Apr 02, 2014 8:55 AM
I pray you are wrong, because if the American People are that easily fooled, then there is really no hope left for this Nation. If you buy all you say, then America is lost and will never come back again, the Left has done their job and Obama and his friends win. We the People will have given up and no longer deserve America, the Great Lady will pass on. I wonder how many will even care, America are we that dumb?
One thing, I don't think the conservatives will fall in line behind Bush. The RINO's may want him and pick him, but I for one and I think a lot of others in the Tea Party and Libertarians will not follow, we will vote for the person we feel is best, and if the Republican Party fails again, so be it, they caused it and must live with their decision. I for one feel the Vote is the greatest right and duty we as a citizen have, and I will vote my true beliefs and feelings.
Thank You Sir, from a Vet.
Pot smoking helped Brown, that means, Oh My God, that's how Pelosi got in.
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