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Want a Real Anti-Poverty Plan? Stop Amnesty!

Leb2 Wrote: 23 hours ago (10:42 AM)
Thios needs to be put on every TV Station, Radio Program and Newspaper in the USA. Of course we do then need to believe that the average Citizen will be able to read, and understand what Mrs. Malkin is saying. Therein seems to be a major problem, with our education system, misleading government and misleading general media, just how much does the average citizen get? Pray it's enough to keep We the People in control, if not, A Great Old Lady, America will live no more.
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She Will Be Crowned: Hillary 2016

Leb2 Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 11:00 AM
If Hillary should be elected, then we will have shown the world that the USA has lost it's ideals, values, dreams and hopes. What made us different was those things, yes we did things wrong, after all we are run by humans, and are not perfect, but we kept those ideals, those that came here from other countries, came to improve themselves and gave of themselves, now they have changed, give me, I don't want to work for it, even the legal citrizen has lost the ideals, give me my free phone, free food, welfare, don't make me work for it, it's the People who will lose this Nation, the Citizen who will give it away, and unless they the citizen realize what is going on, we are well on the way to seeing the USA go down in history as the once great dream.
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Mrs. Obama's Desperate Plea

Leb2 Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 6:01 PM
Remember this, Obama was elected twice, on lies and half-truths each time. She is leading the lies again, and if We the People are not careful his ideas will be elected again. Get the Truth Out, tell others how you feel, what you believe, what you ideals are, if you don't, they will win again, We the Conservatives can not sit back and do nothing, we must act, or America could be lost.
The key is simple, it's up to the voters, but are they educated enough, interested enough, do they care enough to actually think when they vote, the history of this Nation will be written by the hands of the Voter, what will that history be?
Force the young now, and you will control the adults in the future. Control, the food people eat, the education they get, the way they think and what will you get? Never has happened before has it?
There are legal ways to come to America, my grandparents came through Ellis Island, legally. Those that come legally are welcome, we have accepted millions over the years that have helped this Nation. But, if you come illegally, you knowingly break our laws, and have no claim to any citizen rights in this Nation. You do have the right to go back to your nation and apply legally to come here, no more no less. Our elected officials sworn duty is to protect this Nation and it's legal Citizens, not break our laws themselves.
Easy question to answer, the change was caused by the ability to get more votes. We the Politicians change our point of view as we need to get the votes, protect our jobs and control you better, when will the voters realize that?
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Hillary Humor…or Hillary Horror

Leb2 Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 11:26 AM
Yes the People must give up some of their Freedoms, Liberties and Rights, so We the Establishment can control them better. It's for their own Good, you know. Hillary showed herself with those quotes, but the question is was anyone really listening? If she runs, we will know the answer by how the People vote, we will know how stupid we have become.
Obama the greatest fool ever to be elected president but, who is the greatest fool in the USA, Obama or the people that voted for him? Funny how the establishment and media wanted him, what are they doing to America?
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Romney Has Done Enough for the GOP

Leb2 Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 9:32 AM
Shouldn't the lead be Romney has done enough to the GOP. Face it the establishment GOP picked him, there were ,others running that were better, but the establishment did not want them, could be too hard to control? Romney to me was just the Republican version of Obama, RomneyCare, ObamaCare, Romney attacking other Republicans with lies, and misinformation, when brought to his attention, he said it's my PAC, I can not stop them. Then when Obama did same to him, he complained. I'll do it, but you can not. If the establishment refuses to realize the People want more than just the least of two evils, we are lost.
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