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In other words, turn Republicans more into Democrats. Democrats seem to always do as the Party wishes, they do not seem to stand on their own, think on their own, so if you must take the Party line, Repub's are the New Dem's. I like it when people fight a little, talk things over, think, and learn to work together, isn't that called compromise? I don't like do as we say. By the way, if this makes the Repubs the new Dems, what does that make the Dems?
The Vote is the Greatest Right and Duty we as Americans have. To offer cash prizes to have someone come out and vote is a sin. If a person has so little interest in this Country that they do not exercise that Right and Duty to Vote, then just forget them. they do not count. I remember hearing years ago when young, a person saying, if you vote against someone and they win, you have the right to complain as you voted, if you voted for someone and they don't do as you wish, you have the right to complain as you voted, if you do not vote, shut up, you did not vote, you have no right to complain at all.
Did he also bring up the fact, yes I said fact, that he said he controls the Senate, and how many bills he has killed by not allowing them to be brough up on the floor? Talk about Double Standard, he is the head of lies, misinformation, misdirection and lack of leadership in the Senate, and the worst part, some fools voted for him.
OK, now the next step, "So help me Obama".
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Have You Heard About Hillary?

Leb2 Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 9:24 AM
How true. What do we really know about them? Yet there are those that will vote for her, because she is a her. The American Voter, not doing their job, giving up their Rights and Freedoms without thinking before they vote.
This is where common sense, research, thinking and questioning on the part of the Voters comes in, doesn't it? Listen to what they say, but check it out, do your homework on the one's running for office, is it possible that if that was done in 2008 Obama might not have been elected, what about 2012, think about it people, you the Voter are who chooses what we get in Government, you the voter have no one else to blame for what you get. But remember this, if you voted against Obama, you have the right to call him out, if you voted for him and don't like what he is doing, you have the right to call him out, if you did not vote, shut up, you have no right, you didn't do your duty or accept your responsibility.
I like that, Whenever We Can, the IRS follows the Law. Isn't it We follow the Law all the time? Could be that's what wrong here, the Government does not follow the Law except when it wants too? It is the Duty of Citizen, the Legal One's to make the Government follow the Law, if we don't we have no law and we have no Nation, Wake up Citizen's and do your jobs.
Maher and Pelosi, two crackpots. Big problem one is actually in government and has power. The other is on tv and p[eople believe him. The Founding Fathers are turning over in the grave.
The one's that need the funny farm are the one's that voted for her. We must remember that without the vote of the people she would not be in office. Makes one wonder who is the most nuts here doesn't it?
This is a reason that we are in the condition we are, with all that is wrong and needs to be fixed, we have an elected official that comes up with stupid things to do instead of actually doing their job for the people. Think now, if that was at state level, how much worse is it a federal level, to find out just look at Reid, Pelosi, and the head fool Obama.
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