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Massacre Solution: The Brady Bunch Bill to Prohibit the Procreation of Irresponsible People

leatherneck6 Wrote: Jan 13, 2013 4:04 PM
and rifle cartridges.” In other words, assault rifles are battlefield rifles which can fire automatically. Weapons capable of fully automatic fire, including assault rifles, have been regulated heavily in the United States since the National Firearms Act of 1934. Taking possession of such weapons requires paying a $200 federal transfer tax and submitting to an FBI background check, including ten-print fingerprints. Many civilians have purchased semiautomatic-only rifles that look like military assault rifles. These civilian rifles are, unlike actual assault rifles, incapable of automatic fire. Based on these two definitions, since AR-15 is designed for civilian use, it therefore doesn’t fit with the definition of an
Original Saepe_Expertus Wrote: Jan 13, 2013 4:43 PM
Nice call Jarhead! The discouraging part of all the kerfuffle is that we are NOT dealing with Reasonable People....but fools, sycophants, the lowest of the low , and the most abased in morals, character, honesty or integrity.....with FUBAR-AK at the head of the pack....Leading by example so that the rest of the lemmings will know where the herd is headed. Unfortunately, they appear determined to take ALL OF US over the cliff to drown in the Sea...which said sea will be the overwhelming FLOOD of new and onerous and ILLEGAL Laws...which all the lemmings will Support!
leatherneck6 Wrote: Jan 13, 2013 4:04 PM
“assault” weapon. This then begs the question why the association is being made in the first place.

As most of you know, Vice President Joe Biden has been appointed by Obama to make certain that another Sandy Hook never goes down on American soil. Being an American who digs freedom, I’m not getting the warm and fuzzies about this legislative venture. A myopic cyclops staring into the sun can see where this duo is heading.

And as most of you can guess, Biden and Obama are talking about levying an executive order on our populace that would ban certain semi-automatic rifles and high capacity pistol and rifle magazines. It’s a similar policy to the Clinton Assault...

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