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See, you like to attack me, but by conversation I see WSJ's point about the 5 Now, I need to do more research to see if the LA Airport Killer, the DC Beltway snipers, and those that flew planes into building were also on the FBI's or CIA's radar. Also, the WSJ does not mention that the Times Square Bomber was under FBI watch. See this is how information works in the 21st century. Cotton goes on the floor of Congress. It is put on the Internet. Along with references. We can do the research directly. We don't have to go to a physical library and you can get immediate information. The community then evaluates it and offers different perspectives. This is all done without the MSM, the Church, the Government, or Corps.
Those are not the 5 that Cotton mentioned.
What about the other 4 that Cotton mentions???????
nana, LA Airport Shooting, DC Beltway Snipers and the Anthrax happen SINCE 9/11 and under GWB. But, why not include 9/11. That is like saying the Titanic was a perfect trip, except for the iceberg. I could be wrong. but I read it repeatedly and saw no mention that those 5 attacks mentioned by Cotton were all done after FBI Questioning of the attackers.
BudWiser Wrote: 2 minutes ago (8:15 PM) the Wall Street Journal is the one saying it. ------- The WSJ article did not say that 0 happened under Bush.
Bud, have you read the WSJ article????? The WSJ said nothing about GWB.
That is a great question. I would like to know that so we can prevent future attacks. But, Cotton that was not Cotton's point. Cotton just wanted to score political points. Had Cotton said, there have been a lot of terrorists attacks and we need to work together to stop them, I would have had a different response.
You all accuse me of not learning. But let me show you how this works. Cotton goes on the floor on Congress and makes a statement that appears on its face to be a lie. But, I could be wrong. So I come here to hear what you all say as a defense of his statement. And what I've learned is that the key is being on the FBI watch list.
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