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George, why tell me I am flagged. Why not just flag me? What do you gain my telling me. I will continue to come here to learn what you all think and to challenge myself to see if I can see your points.
Bud, Cotton claimed there were 5 attacks. He named the Times Square Bomber. You reference the 5 in WSJ article. I am trying to determine if the two lists are the same. See, this is how you use a learning community.
Interesting. Juvenile partisan hack????? parse every word and every comment for something to attack. Interesting. Are you suggesting that conservatives do not parse every word and every comment for something to attack. For example when did Obama call something terrorism? And I do not consider myself a "partisan." I am just trying to learn all I can about me and the world around me. If you are saying that only smart people can participate in public discussion, what IQ must one have to participate in the blog?
I see your Benghazi and raise with 9/11 and the lies about WMDs.
Interesting. I do reject the divinity of Christ, but I do not reject that the bible, torah, and koran can have beautiful thoughts worthy of everlasting value. I do not believe in God, but I live a life that, should there be a God, God would embrace me. For example, I treat others like i want to be treated. I do not engage in personal insults. I respect almost everyone. And I am always on the lookout for valid points, even from you.
Since you mentioned the Cloud. you understand that you get this story because of the Cloud.
Perfect. When you see something that challenges you, flag it as offensive. Learning for some can be offensive.
Was the Times Square Bomber under FBI Watch list?
See, you like to attack me, but by conversation I see WSJ's point about the 5 Now, I need to do more research to see if the LA Airport Killer, the DC Beltway snipers, and those that flew planes into building were also on the FBI's or CIA's radar. Also, the WSJ does not mention that the Times Square Bomber was under FBI watch. See this is how information works in the 21st century. Cotton goes on the floor of Congress. It is put on the Internet. Along with references. We can do the research directly. We don't have to go to a physical library and you can get immediate information. The community then evaluates it and offers different perspectives. This is all done without the MSM, the Church, the Government, or Corps.
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