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Amy, excellent. I am glad to hear that. So, as I've been talking all morning I agree with many of the things Hawkins lists. Like hard work. Could you give me an example of Obama or any liberal saying they do not believe in hard work?
Aego, you make a great point. The church has learning over the centuries how to control the masses. Government is just an extension of the church. That is why we need to adapt 21st century thinking where we do not need the media, the church, or government to tell us what to think. We can get the information ourselves and make our own decisions.
Amy, that might be the case. Conservative Media has been telling conservatives this is what liberals believe. OK, then when Hawkins publishes this list (or you lose an election) and liberals tell you that is not what they believe, couldn't you consider that perhaps you are mis-understanding what you "think" you are hearing from Conservative Media?
Amy, I agree that political ideology has little to do with effective child raising. But, are you saying that is not what Saepe is saying? Interesting. What is Saepe saying?
Aego, just so you know that is a personal attack. Which is not surprising here.
WOW, interesting post. Why do you think we are obsessed with this? I can not speak for everyone, but for me, I love article because it provides an opportunity to share some facts with people like you.
See here is an opportunity to learn what liberals think. There are a number of them here. Yet, I don't see any conservative appearing like they are at all interested in what liberals think. Perhaps they read essays like this one from Hawkins and say to themselves, "ok, I know what liberals think." But do not do their own research to find what what is true. I think it is because they are used to going to church and having the church tell them what to think. So it is easy for them to simply believe Hawkins and move on.
Saepe_ Expertus Wrote: 11 minutes ago (12:06 PM) Have you EVER seen a real, genuine, knock-down, screaming hissy fit performed by a 3-year old....especially in public? The reason the CHILD behaves that way is because his parents failed to establish boundaries on the child's behavior....and it is the parents' responsibility to do so. Raising children is like herding geese: you have to VIGILANTLY keep their behavior within the boundaries which YOU, the parent, establish. Freedom is NOT license ---- Does anyone think that Saepe is suggesting that only conservative raise good kids and liberals cannot?
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