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Colorado Massacre: No Causes, No Cures

leahsproject Wrote: Jul 26, 2012 3:46 PM
The original tv Batman was witty, charming and enjoyable to watch with the whole family. Thank you liberal Hollywood for always taking simple childhood and animated characters and twisting them for your dark and sexualized moves. Same for Disney, too.
Editors' note: this column originally appeared at the Daily Beast.

After the grisly massacre in Colorado no one will attend weekend showings of The Dark Knight Rises with expectations of a rollicking, uplifting, feel-good night at the movies. But even before its association with horrifying images of real-life mass murder, this final installment in the current Batman series suffered from serious deficiencies in terms of its fun factor. It’s wrong to suggest that the movie provoked the killings in its midnight Aurora premiere, but those crimes do, in a sense, expose the nihilistic darkness at the heart of the film...