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What If I Am Wrong About Europe?

Well thats a really clever move (sarcasm). Yepp isolate yourselves, close all the markets for your goods, strangle all political channels. See who will back you in this world as you fade. Again I quote; US GDP $15.2 trillion, EU GDP $17.2 trillion fact. If anyone has "treasure" its us not you. But don't worry, we wont bother with you fickle and selfish people any more. We are aligning ourselves with BRICS anyway now, they are the growing economies and the future power, along with the European block.

I have long stated the eurozone will breakup. Historically speaking, no currency union has ever survived in the absence of a political union.

Moreover, in It's Just Impossible I noted

  1. The Bundesbank said there should be no banking union until there is a fiscal union.
  2. Angela Merkel said that there should be no fiscal union until there is political union.
  3. François Hollande said that there should be no political union until there is a...