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The United Kingdom Throws Down the Gauntlet with a Strong Entry in the Government Stupidity Contest

Mmm. well it will surprise you to know that we've paid down a third of our debt and our personal tax rates are only slightly higher than yours, while our business taxes are waaaay lower than yours. Take the two together, your are higher taxed. Facts hurt don't they! We also have paid a third of our debt off, while you reelect that clown for a second turn to further increase your growing debt already in trillions. Know what, you really need to look at yourselves before being rude about us.

I periodically compare moronic decisions and policies by governments in the United States and United Kingdom. You can peruse some jaw-dropping examples by clicking this link.

To show that politicians and bureaucrats don’t have a monopoly on stupidity, I’ve also shared a pair of examples that expose foolishness in the private sector.