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The Lady Was a Champ

That is garbage. I live in Manchester and have done since the 1970s. A lot changed over the decade in our city. Please dont liken your city, Liverpool, and its militant commie goos which sunk you economically to Manchester pleas.

MANCHESTER, England -- There is a story about Margaret Thatcher, which is probably apocryphal, but speaks volumes about the strength of Britain's first female prime minister, who died Monday at age 87.

Following her election in 1979, the story goes that Thatcher took her all-male cabinet out to dinner. The waiter asked what she would like. "I'll have the beef," she said. The waiter asked, "What about the vegetables?" "They'll have the same," Thatcher replied.

"Thatcher Saved Britain," read a headline in the Daily Telegraph. No, Thatcher inspired citizens of Great Britain to have less faith in government and...