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Spanish Euro Exit Could Be in the Works

Yepp you are right and if our spineless government every DO give us the vote its estimated well over 70% will vote to leave. See we Brits never voted for this strategy of "closer integration", the only vote was in the 1970s for a "common market" (i.e. less trade rules between us, which did and still does make perfect sense). The EU has been itching to get its paws on London's financial serves, making it the financial capital of the world. Sadly for them it ain't never gonna happen. We're out here! :-) PS Apparently Obama told Cameron we should stay in, which has added another 10% on the out vote over here!!!!!!!

Some common sense discussion is taking place in Spain regarding the necessity of Spain exiting the eurozone.

For example, please consider Opposition to the euro breaks: first manifesto to leave the single currency as translated from El Economista.

The political opposition that Spain remains part of the euro begins to crystallize. And the tool to achieve that end-Spain output of the single currency is again signing a manifest public that, for the moment, has already been signed by around 1,000 professionals convinced "the risks of deterioration and degradation that there are the enormous social...