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Piers Morgan Hits New Low in Key Demographic

ldopas (voice from the UK) Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 12:19 PM
As lastinline said, the Canadian accent is closer you the american accent. So I dont know what the hell you are talking about. Id also like to point out as a Brit that using the term "British Accent" is also wrong. Whcih British accent do you mean? The Welsh, Scottish, N Irish and english all have different accents. What you mean is an English accent. Also could I just say I resent all the Brit bashing here because you dont like Morgan. Fine, dont like him I dont either, but can we leave the petty racist stereotyping out please. I dont damn your whole nation because of Joan Rivers or Al Gore.

Poor Piers Morgan, not only do people want him deported, but now they have decided to just stop tuning into his show. Piers Morgan has been on the forefront of the second amendment debate. He yelled personal attacks at Ben Shapiro when he couldn’t defend himself any longer from the intellectual debate he was facing. But it seems like karma has come to get him.

The February 28th episode of Piers Morgan Tonight, which featured an exclusive interview with Gus Searcy, the mentor of Jodi Arias suffered a yearly low in the key 25-54 demographic...