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Well if you did then even someone as blinkered as you can read the economic facts about what she inherited in 1978 (a bankrupt nation, strikes every five minutes). Now read up what the late 1980s were like, a top 5 economy. Facts you see make a fool of you.
For those Americans who dont know exactly what magst is referring to, let me help. Im a Brit and live in the North (manchester). Magst is referring to Liverpool a totally socialist City which comitted industrial suicide in the 1970s and 80s by strikes and left wing dogma which paralysed it. The thatcher government, using Michael Heseltine MP pumped taxpayer money into it to try and help, but its lunatic left wing council soon put paid to that. I just wnated you to know from a Brit where magst is coming from. Low taxes, enterprise, small govenment etc are like kryptonite to a Liverpudlian.
Lol. I get fed up with people like Nathaniel moaning, when the fact just wipe out any stupid left wing theories they have. I remember the 1970s in the UK; strikes, lights going out, garbage not collected. 10 years later with Thatcher we had beaten down the Unions, grown our economy and were feeling good about ourselves.
Youve absolutely no clue about the UK willi4, so Id stop before you start to embarass yourself with your low IQ. Stick to the grits and mating with pigs.
Nah not Hilary either!
Ah the boring old "islamisation" cr*p again. Well one more time. We are not a religious country, never mind Islam, even the Church of england is not relevent over here now. We have evolved past religion. So the question really should be "will us guys actually hold a service".
The clue is "New Labour", whilst I thought they were garbage, they had to drop much of the socialism and clauses they had in play for a century because of Thatchers legacy. The error in your logic is you ask "if the majority appreciated Thatcher", they did but she was no longer there and John Majors years were a catastrophe. If Thatcher went into the 1990s, there would have been no New Labour or indeed a Labour victory.
Will you stop being damn offensive and calling us limeys. Do you want me to resond to your ignorance by calling you? Thought not.
Good comments on Nathaniel people! :-) As a Brit myself and someone who remembers the 1970s and the broken country we were, and the late 1980s when Thatcher had made us a top 5 economy. I think Nathaniel needs a history lesson, the facts unfortunately Nathaniel are your kryptonite.
Please. Thatcher was a political giant, one that comes along once in a millenia. Palin is not clever enough, savvy enough or indeed brutal enough to even compare. She's not fit to lace Thatchers boots.
Yes we do. What evidence is there for you saying that. Stay tuned and you will see the tributes over here.
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