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Yeah we've got the same problem here in the UK. Ie Thatcher v Cameron. We've bred a generation of politicians who court easy popularity, political animals born and bred but are totally useless when faced with extremism and danger. By now the partnership of Regan/Thatcher would have this thing is not under control, certainly made sure the religious nutjobs know we won't be a rollover. Until we the voters start ensuring our politicians have backbone and steel rather than sharp suits and sound bites we are in trouble in the west.
Wrong about the UK. 1."Not only can't a citizen (subject, rather) own a gun." Not true. However and something you yanks really cannot begin to understand as guns make you happy for some reason, is the UK chooses not to be a gun society. I don't own one, neither do the bad guys, neither do most of the cops. No one. Get it? 2. "One cannot use lethal force (or any force, for that matter) to defend oneself." Garbage. Utter garbage. In the UK, lethal force has been used in the past to defend and the course have taken no action, what is not allowed is when someone does something and you torture and murder them when there was no need. Enjoy your guns. We get the news stories about the massacres over in the US that regularly happen and your gun murder statistics are appalling. If you are happy with that, then fine. But please don't preach to us, we see the evidence and are not interested in your opinions.
...and that is your problem Persnickety19, you don't need "faith" to believe in the "whacko" (closed mind right there), just look at the mass of evidence. You do however need "faith" to belief in creationism as there is not a shred of evidence. But then your post gives you away as someone who neither understand evolution science, or indeed wants to even try. So your mind is closed so let the rest of us not waste our time with you.
Well of course your characterisation of the UK where I live is ludicrous. Currently we are on course (IMF and others forecasts, no ours) to be by far the fastest growing economy in the G8, far outstripping you and Germany even. Inflation is record low, wages have not increased over inflation and we have had a year of month on month unemployment dropping (back to pre 2008 levels). Oh and our Corporation Tax is 20%, 19% LOWER than yours, hence companies are flocking here. And we continue cutting public spending. You cannot say any of the above for yourselves, so I would put your own house in order and kick out your socialist President before you criticize ours.
Well whilst as a Brit I'm obviously loathe to ever defend the French, and can I also say we are happy for the socialists in France as they are driving huge numbers of their businesses to come to the UK. BUT I don't think a country that shuts down its government, acting like children, where decent people are sent home and not paid all in the name of political expediency should be lecturing anyone. I think your senate needs to grow up a bit first.
Yes, but the difference is mentally ill people cannot get hold of guns and kill scores of innocent men, women and children in countries, like mine, who have none.
A latest massacre in Chicago to add to all the others, and still you can't make the causal link between everyone having guns and shootings, and not having guns and shootings. And before the usual onslaught of ugly nastiness at my country, think on this; how many mass gun massacres have we had in the last five years when we don't have guns?
Again Mitchell talks as Europeans as if we are one nation, when we are not. So who are you talking about Mitchell? Me, I'm a Brit so I won't talk for other nations. But the amount we gather for charity is immense. Remember Live Aid, and Live 8 and many others...Britain organized that, not the USA. Every year we have Red Nose Day, Comic Relief, Sports Relief and many others national events (not to mention hundreds of smaller events) that raise hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Want facts, well look here. This: http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/maps_and_graphs/2010/9/7/1283879899440/World-giving-index-graphi-007.jpg shows you are 5th (not the most charitable as Mitchell states). We are just below you, Ireland above you....hardly mean Europeans as you say here!!!!! This:https://www.cafonline.org/PDF/WorldGivingIndex2012WEB.pdf should you care to download and read it (that would mean some of you reading, and of course being open minded, two things not prevalent on this site), you will see the Americas and Europe are tied for giving and charity. Facts and reality Mitchell. Kryptonite to you!
"Europeans as individuals are very uncharitable". Mmm yet another disgusting stereotype and quite wrong. Like Americans SOME Europeans can be, most are not. How would you like me to say ALL Americans are fat and geopolitical pig ignorant. After all that is the stereotype around the world of you. Of course it isn't true, only in some cases. So why don't we stop being stupid with stereotypes. Again though you say Europeans. WHO DO YOU MEAN? Brits, French, Germans, Dutch etc etc? Because we are all different with different histories and views.
Yepp you are right and if our spineless government every DO give us the vote its estimated well over 70% will vote to leave. See we Brits never voted for this strategy of "closer integration", the only vote was in the 1970s for a "common market" (i.e. less trade rules between us, which did and still does make perfect sense). The EU has been itching to get its paws on London's financial serves, making it the financial capital of the world. Sadly for them it ain't never gonna happen. We're out here! :-) PS Apparently Obama told Cameron we should stay in, which has added another 10% on the out vote over here!!!!!!!
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