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Oh and by the way, I write from the UK and it might surprise you to know that Obama is not popular over here either. So I am not making a pro Obama point, I'm making a use of decent language point.
Really? Are we going to ignore my main point of using a disease to attack Obama with and get into grammar. Ok. Well a metaphor is comparison of different things as is they are the same. If you read the reply to me, the poster is saying they are exactly the same things. Which is the point I picked up. Got it? Now, do you have a comment on the main point, do you think it is acceptable to use disease, or lets take 9/11 as you Americans understandably get very uptight is it used for anything like this, as an attack on someone?
So you are saying that Ebola and Obama are LITERALLY as deadly as each other? Really? Wow, with respect you really need to get an understanding of similes.
Most religious people, preachers and leaders are only in it for money. So what is your point? Best response to this is for me to quote Suicidal Tendencies song "Send Me All Your Money": "Send me your money," that's what he said He said to "Send me your money" Now if you can only send a dollar or two There ain't a hell of a lot I can promise to you But if you wants to see heaven's door Make out a check for five hundreds or more "Send me your money", do you hear what I said? "Send me your money"
I assure you I do have a sense of humor, but on this topic I have only one comment to you Ransom. It is inappropriate, whatever your view of Obama to use Ebola as a comparator. Ebola is a dangerous, deadly disease that should not be used for cheap shots. How would you like it if I said John Ransom is the cancer of writers? Not a lot I should say. Lets grow up and by all means denigrate Obama, but don't use diseases kids and adults have died from. Disgusting.
firstly, as a Brit, I would suggest you need to stop bundling all countries in Europe as Europe. Most of them are first world economies, GDPs in trillions and very different governments. Also the EU is not Europe. Also the Eurozone is not all the EU. you need to do some reading people. Personally I think its laziness on your parts so you can make big incorrect sweeping statements about us rather than looking at each country.
Karll, it really bugs me when you americans show how bad you are at geopolitics. Europe is NOT a country. there are many economies in Europe both right and left wing. Don't generalise. Its like me seeing something stupid done in California and thinking all americans are the same.
Well Scotland wont, as they are subsidised heavily by England. What you have missed is apart from the Politicians and some pathetic actors, most English people want riddance of the socialist Scots. If England had a vote they would be gone tomorrow!
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Scots on the Rocks

Wow 21st_century_Viking, you really have no clue what is going on do you? Read up and you will find Scotland wants its independence BECAUSE it wants to become a socialist state. They want massive increases in welfare spending for example. England does not want this. Because of your collective ignorance of the situation, you are actually backing socialists if you back the Scottish vote.
There are 64 million people in the UK, many use the free (paid for by National Insurance), there are bound to be some cases where people get poor treatment. The VAST majority get excellent treatment. The little boy who went to Europe was because they want to try an untested potentially dangerous treatment the NHS do not allow. In the US, it is no different. You have good care, and some horror stories. The difference is that in your country, you can't pay you die. Not very Christian that is it? So stop trying to make cheap political points at my country, England. As usual people come on here to rant about the NHS they have no real idea about. So let me educate you, the latest study done by, erm, the US put our NHS tops and your expensive, elitist, cruel and shoddy healthcare LAST. Have a read (including you Daniel) and educate yourselves; http://nhap.org/facts-fingertips-2/ , headed "The UK is rated as superior to countries which spend far more on health. The privatised US is ranked as worst." Enjoy as your bubble bursts.
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