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The fact that you rightly decry Muslim evil, but then start by quoting from your religious book and your prophet ably illustrates what is wrong here. It is religion. Religious fanaticism. The sooner we rid this world of these stone age superstitions, the sooner we can evolve as a species.
Religion and politics have very little to do together. We've already seen what mixing politics and religion does in the Muslim world. I do not want someone who believes in superstition running our governments. If you do then answer me this. Why shouldn't Muslims, Scientologists, flat earth believers, pagans and many others also have a say in our government? After all they are religions. Or is it only YOUR religion that should have a say, in which case it's about power not religion.
Seeing as a number of you here regard him as a "sexual deviant", not my words just quoting from one poster here. You are the problem, and are responsible for a lot of the reasons people kill themselves. Whatever happened to the christian values of tolerance, compassion and love? You might not agree with this case, but to label a minor a "deviant" is subhuman and you should be ashamed of yourselves. In the end ask yourselves what business is it of yours anyway? How does someone who wants to be gay or trans effect you. If doesn't. I'm heterosexual and it certainly doesn't effect me, but I do find that people who call others "deviants" often have their own dark sexual secrets to hide.
....I agree, along with the "nonsense" of god and creationism.
I don;t know why there would be a war on Christmas. Santa does exist, I've seen him, I've asked for and got presents. God on the other hand........
Hey, don't blame the UN. This, as usual, is the US backing down in the face of a threat. We saw it at the start of WW2 when it took you ages to actually get involved in fighting evil, while we Brits were there at the start. You need to look at why you shout very loudly, but don't follow it up with a big stick. This film (which is awful by the way) should never have been removed. It gives a lesson that terrorist, evil and bullies can now threaten the US and have you back off. All I can say this would not have happened in the UK.
Oh and by the way, I write from the UK and it might surprise you to know that Obama is not popular over here either. So I am not making a pro Obama point, I'm making a use of decent language point.
Really? Are we going to ignore my main point of using a disease to attack Obama with and get into grammar. Ok. Well a metaphor is comparison of different things as is they are the same. If you read the reply to me, the poster is saying they are exactly the same things. Which is the point I picked up. Got it? Now, do you have a comment on the main point, do you think it is acceptable to use disease, or lets take 9/11 as you Americans understandably get very uptight is it used for anything like this, as an attack on someone?
So you are saying that Ebola and Obama are LITERALLY as deadly as each other? Really? Wow, with respect you really need to get an understanding of similes.
Most religious people, preachers and leaders are only in it for money. So what is your point? Best response to this is for me to quote Suicidal Tendencies song "Send Me All Your Money": "Send me your money," that's what he said He said to "Send me your money" Now if you can only send a dollar or two There ain't a hell of a lot I can promise to you But if you wants to see heaven's door Make out a check for five hundreds or more "Send me your money", do you hear what I said? "Send me your money"
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