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Infanticide....Hitler would be proud. Shame on Kansas.
"Dirty Harry" the worst of the bunch. Too much power....and the Lame Stream Media sleeps.
$10 an hour...buys lot's of votes, $20 would buy even more votes, so Repub's would be out of luck at the polls.
Liar...Liar...Pant's on Fire... Idiot/Nincompoop.....shame on those in Nevada who put this *%+#@ in office.
Just remember...those of you who complain about the ACA not working, Dirty Harry says you all tell-en nutten but lies!!!
Christie was stupid to 'chummy up to O'bummer', now it's payback time. When will the Repub's ever learn.
How's that 'O'Bummer, Fundamentally Changed America' doing for ya???
In Kalifornia, it's already a English/Spanish speaking state. Much like the problems they have in Canada...English/French. Soon..all schools will have every flag from every country in the world flying overhead. Space will be the problem with hundreds of flags!! LOL
50+million dead..and she's proud of it.
Most well be..part-time, because of O'Bammacrate Health Care.
MSNBC....people with a 'genetic dis-order'.
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