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"If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, period". "America is a Muslim nation. "America will stand with Islam should the political winds change in an ugly direction." Yes he is human, but these quotes are not mistakes. Open your eyes.
You mean like he did for Meriam Ibrahim?
Maybe Obama thinks he has to "Go it alone." He has power and authority to fight this war all by himself.
Why is it the rule of law is never mentioned in these articles? We, as Americans, Have our Constitution as our guiding light for the perpetuation of our freedom. When we move from our stance, or ignore its principles we will cease to exist as a free society. The Constitution is what keeps America sane.
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Funding A Fool’s Errand In Syria

LCB1 Wrote: Sep 21, 2014 4:51 PM
Maybe Obama will have the moderates to take oath of loyalty, or he could just sign an EO, and force them into submission. You know, like he does Americans.
I think all the foot dragging amounts to the Obama administration informing ISIS of the rescue mission. We have an American husband and wife in Qatar, who were accused of killing their adopted daughter, nothing has been done. There is a pastor imprisoned in Iran, and even after many public pleas, nothing has been done for his release. Yet they sell Qatar, planes and missiles, and are negotiating with Iran. We have a serious problem with and in our government. The immigration crisis is nothing more than another scandal. Unprotected borders mean the door is left open for the enemy.
The less is seen of Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, the better off young blacks and America as a whole will be. The same goes for Obama and Holder, however, presently that is a dream that won't come true. What a strange turn of events; I never thought I would be so disgusted, disappointed, and totally dissatisfied with my own race. On one of the videos displayed, I heard the guy doing the recording refer to brown as an "N". He says "Look, "n" just laying there", " They just shot that n for no reason." I'm like really!!!! All this firestorm and he's referred to as nothing more than a n by his own race? What a ugly joke.
I am Black, and I say it is way past time for blacks to be what they are, Americans.
Yeah, so he could take the weight off of having to care those who were unproductive in his society. The government has said that allowing immigrants into our country is good for the country. But they never explain how or why they arrived at that concept.
Just in case you hadn't noticed, if you have Obama as president, you're on you're own. Your expectations May run high But I guarantee you They will not be Satisfied Go ahead cry and Scoff See which is of more Worth You, or his next hole Of golf.
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