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My question is, where does the American taxpayer fit into Obama's grand scheme of things? Maybe he just ignores who going to pay for all of this, not to mention does he even care. No, the question of fairness in him doesn't reach my mind!!
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Bordering on Madness

LCB1 Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 10:19 AM
Racism is just a crybaby excuse to get what they want. My problem with the media is nobody asks Obama and Holder the hard questions, namely, why are they supplying our enemies with guns, yet want to take my God given right to defend myself, what excuse do they offer for their failed policies, corruption, and total disregard for the Constitution, which they swore under oath to uphold. Damn it I want answers and I want them now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cancel your fundraisers and vacations, put up your golf clubs, give Air Force One a break, and tell us the truth.
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Cartels Fire on Border Patrol in Texas

LCB1 Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 9:05 AM
Probably not since they are to find a rock or a stick to defend themselves with. They are not allowed to shoot back. With that said plus unsecured borders, to me, seems to be a perfect invitation for terrorists. When are people going to open their eyes and see Obama cares nothing for America, and that it has nothing to do with what race you are so long as you are an American. Americans in sense are on death row.
If he's not interested in photo-ops, why then does he want his face on Mt Rushmore? The reason he won't visit the border is because cameras will be rolling, and showing all of the horrendous conditions there. He doesn't have a stomach for the tough stuff like claims to.
What about those 200 kidnapped Nigerian girls? Were they not black? What about Obama and Biden cutting off aid to Uganda, because they refuse to accept homosexuality in their nation. Are they not black? You may mean no harm. But you make the kind of statement that keeps racial tensions brewing By the way, Obama is not black; at least he is said not to be entirely. It's the inner heart that makes us who we are, not the fictitious cover that we see. This man knows nothing about being black, just as I know nothing about being white but what I see and hear. But him? Like one of his famous lies; I heard it on the news just like you did.
No, no ,no It's not the responsible citizens who own guns that is the problem. It is those who have no right by law to own guns, who have guns, who are the problem. Another problem is, it is the governments (local and federal) to keep track of illegal guns and gun owners. That's what we overpay them to do. Obviously they have failed to do their appointed duties, and are themselves involved in selling illegal guns to drug lords. Who in turn sell them to anybody looking. The problem is not with the citizens, it is with the government.
I'll share a few of her thoughts 'Thank all of you who voted for my mom and dad. Because of your kindness, this generous bundle of stupidity has been made possible. And though the president did made those statements about income inequality, I can assure you he was not referring to me."
So what will be the outcome of this investigation if he is found guilty of treason? Also, what marks will the president receive because of his decision to release those five terrorists? The American people are owed much more than mere questions. We want something DONE about this.
When new taxes and the price of everything goes through the roof, they will then want $20.00 an hr. All this does is start a chain reaction of stupidity and unnecessary suffering.
He felt that!!! And he and the world knows their "chilly reception" had nothing to do with him being (so called) black. But before I go to far to soon, I hoped these fine young men won't be labeled as racist.
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