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The 'Trickle-Down' Lie

lcarlson Wrote: Jan 07, 2014 2:57 PM
One should look at the Presidency of Calvin Coolidge. He had it correct about taxes and revenue.
The enemy at present is not Russia, China, North Korea or even Iran. Our present enemy of this nation is Barack Hussein Obama and his administration. The admin people have been caught in a lie bigger than Clintonian proportions and what do they do? They double down on the lies and proclaim "what difference does it make at this the."
Doc, whether they supported the bill or not really does not matter now. The AMA did support the ACA, but the AMA only represented 14% of all the doctors in the country and therefore shouldn't have been used as a talking point. Just another lie by the Administration.
The left just will not quit their lying and misleading information campaign. They are in big trouble politically already and still they continue to dig that hole. However, I do believe that people like Nancy pelosi have an excuse. They don't know any better because they have convinced themselves of the lies which they have fabricated. It's pathological people. They believe the lies they tell. How else can one explain it?
Sometimes it's the way words get interpreted in their little minds.
You are not alone. Sometimes I get lucky with a real die-hard lib checking what I write and "puff" it's gone the way of the gooney.
Oh yea! I live here in Fort Pelosi and I'll just bet she'll have an answer to that.
We conservatives have been warning this whole nation of the impending LOSS OF LIBERTY since Obama was elected. Most of you said we were crazy, that Obama was a unifier. Well now, welcome to reality. This is only the beginning of our loss of liberty and freedom. It will get worse. So don't go around crying and complaining that no one warned you. You elected this "man child", now live with it.
Gee, the libs are running scared, ya think!
I believe that there is going to be more to this story than we have at the moment. 3 progressive activist judges to appoint to the DC appellate court. The removal of the press by his side to what end? Remember, the right can bring forth legislation to repeal the ACA, but if there are not enough votes to overturn Obama's veto, then we have only the courts to decide the issue. 1st stop would be the DC appellate court, then on to the Supreme Court. That will take a lot of time. Obama is not going to cave to a repeal or a court ruling of unconstitutionality. Also, does anyone believe that the leftists will not expand the nuclear option? I sure don't.
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A Very Dangerous Game

lcarlson Wrote: Nov 20, 2013 11:01 AM
Yes, yes. And that day is rapidly approaching. You do know that the police will be ordered to take the side of the criminal. Maybe that's a good thing? We will have the opportunity to make corrections there too.
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