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Video: Obama Pre-emptively Lashes Out at "Unelected" Supreme Court

lbs2 Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 11:49 AM
I see from the postings here, people seemed unprepared for the sociopaths pronouncement! WHY were you? Obama in 2001 NPR interview...."The supreme court never ventured into the issues of REDISTRIBUTION of wealth and more basic issues ofpolitical and ECONOMIC JUSTICE in society....It didn't break free from essential constraints that were placed by the Foundaing Fathers in the constitution, at least as its been interpreted.........cont

Following last week's dramatic Obamacare oral arguments, the Left appears to be anticipating a legal defeat when the Court releases its ruling in June.  To lay the groundwork for a shameless campaign of anti-SCOTUS recriminations, liberals have begun a coordinated attack on the Court's legitimacy and reputation.  Democratic Senators have fired early shots, as have several prominent Democrat Party strategists.  And today,