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Veto Threat: Administration Wants to Hike Healthcare Fees for Military

lbs2 Wrote: Jun 30, 2012 9:48 AM
Do YOU equate a state union worker with a member of the military? I pray I just misunderstood what you wrote. Obama planned to get part of the money for obamacare by making the military pay MORE for theirs. 2700 hundred pages of war against America in the obamacare bill. Bert we need your help to SAVE America. The volunteer military do not deserve this.

The audacity of the Obama administration never ceases to amaze. On Friday, they threatened to veto a defense appropriations bill because it, in part, does not include hikes in healthcare fees for members of the military. The House bill  passed 299-120 in May. The official policy statement offers this objection:

TRICARE Fees and Co-Payments.  The Administration is disappointed that the Congress did not incorporate the requested TRICARE fee initiatives into either the appropriation or authorization legislation.  The Administration asks the House to reconsider the TRICARE fee proposals, which are essential for DOD to successfully address rising...