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So Who Exactly is Stronger Than Rick Perry in 2016?

lbs2 Wrote: Jul 12, 2013 10:35 AM
What Perry ALWAYS puts first! BIG BUSINESS! And that is whats driving this criminal amnesty bill. Under the laws of the Texas Executive Branch, Perry has always had the authority to put the Texas National Guard on the border. He refused! As someone pointed out, Perry signed the bill, giving in-state-tuition rights to illegal aliens. If ANYONE here is thinking that Perry would enforce the constitution of the U.S., you clearly smoked pot for breakfast. Mark Davis is not a native of Texas but likes to claim he has the pulse of Texas. He does not! The ONLY person that has a chance (man or woman) is a proven, life-long, constitutional conservative. If conservatives want to "bring out of the shadows", the conservatives that sat at home in 2012 because they couldn't stomach ANOTHER lying bass tart, they had better wake-up in a hurry.