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Report: House Members Seeking to Oust Speaker Boehner

lbs2 Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 9:19 AM
Just imagine if Boehner HAD had ANY skills, at leadership, after being given total control on Jan 1, 2011. He has had 2 full years in total control of the purse strings. When he was given the leadership, he had no plan, no strategy. He has gone into closed door meetings with obama and instead of exiting he room and blasting obama for the criminal he is, he just mumbles. It is already too late to save America. The only thing left is for those, who ACTUALLY pay taxes, to plan how they can hide their assests. IT IS OVER!
Frank98 Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 9:54 AM
When he failed (2011)to say this to Obama/Davis Soetoro: "Look dude,I'm not gonna give to you the gift of raising the debt limit. Ain't NOOoo Waaay Hosea, NOooo chance in Hell are you gonna get that from me. I was not put here to rubber stamp your insatiable appetite to keep spending US into oblivion"
wiseone Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 9:41 AM
His plan and strategy were to consolidate his RINO power base and secure his own membership in the Congressman for Life Club.

A little over a year ago, when the Debt Ceiling Deal was being done, Boehner came under heavy criticism from Rush Limbaugh.In reaction Boehner called in to Rush's show live and said "When you do the right things, for the right reasons, good things happen."

Since Boehner said this nothing good has happened.By his own definition he must not have done the right thing for the right reason. Time to resign.

As members prepare for the 113th Congress, several have been dissatisfied with Speaker Boehner's conduct: he's been accused of booting more conservative members off of major committees, and the abject failure that is "Plan B" seems to have been the final straw for some. Breitbart News reports that there's a plan circulating some offices intended to facilitate the election of a new Speaker of the House come January.

Several conservative House Republican members are contemplating a plan to unseat Speaker John Boehner from his position on January 3, Breitbart News has exclusively learned. Staffers have compiled...