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Report: Boehner Proposes Tax Rate Hike on Millionaires, White House Rejects (UPDATE: Or Not?)

lbs2 Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 10:55 AM
I hope ALL Republicans incumbents have big campaign stashes for the next election. Any rep that sides with the yellow bellied Boehner will be primaried. ALL republican incumbents that we cant primary out, will be standing alone come the 2014 general election. The conservative base will not be a part of putting a yellow dog republican BACK in office. We learned our lesson. We now know what Boeher is. Incumbents that side with Boehner WILL feel the pain in their pocketbook come primary season.

We had the AP's write-up of this story on the homepage yesterday, but I think it's worth a second look.  Politico initially broke the news, so let's consult the original source:

Speaker John Boehner has proposed allowing tax rates to rise for the wealthiest Americans if President Barack Obama agrees to major entitlement cuts, according to several sources close to the talks. It is the first time Boehner has offered any boost in marginal tax rates for any income group, and it would represent a major concession for the Ohio Republican. Boehner suggested hiking...