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Bricks and Tampons Intended to be Thrown at Pro-Life Lawmakers Confiscated by Police UPDATE: Jars of Feces Too

lbs2 Wrote: Jul 13, 2013 7:49 AM
It would be helpful for this female's face to be plastered everywhere with her name. And someone ask her HOW she became to believe what she believes. I think the world would be astounded about how she has been indoctrinated and what a short time it took from when she was age 12 to this day, standing there holding that sign.

Apparently chanting "hail Satan," "f*ck the church," "bro-choice" and holding signs that say "hoes before embryos" just wasn't enough for pro-abortion protestors in Texas. According to reports on the ground, police have confiscated bricks, tampons, pads and condoms protestors planned to throw at pro-life lawmakers Friday before a final vote on legislation banning abortions past five months. Protestors continue to be loud inside the Capitol, but the Gallery where debate takes place is silent and under strict rules.