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John McCain and Lindsey Graham Call Rand Paul Filibuster a "Political Stunt"

lbs2 Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 3:07 PM
Maggot mouthed McCain has shut down his voicemail box and blocked live calls. This man is so brain damaged, he can't even comprehend how much he is hated. And it is NOT just his ignorant, moronic rant on the floor of the house this morning. He lost is run for the presdency because he was so hated. The Only reason he was tolerated was because Sarah Palin was on the ticket. Maggot mouth STILL does not comprehend this.

As Michelle Malkin would say, beltway barnacles John McCain and Lindsey Graham have crawled out from under their rock of irrelevancy to feed their attention starved egos. McCain and Graham are slamming Senator Rand Paul's efforts to stand up for civil liberties of American citizens, which he did through filibuster yesterday. They've even gone so far as saying Paul has done a disservice to the debate surrounding drone use. Apparently, pointing out the droning of American citizens on U.S. soil is unconstitutional and that Americans deserve due process before being killed is totally not helpful, or something.