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Letter? YOU and "from texs" below don't know squat about Perry. Rick Perry will crawl over his grandma to preserve commerce with Mexico. THIS 74 year old grandmother, LIFE LONG CONSERVATIVE, KNOWS Rick Perry. George Bush also REFUSED to do anyhing about the border because of COMMERCE with Mexico. You just don't GET IT! My Texas and MY country come BEFORE any politician or party. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is/has paid off the Mexican government to allow this plague to cross Mexico to get to American soil AND RICK PERRY IS IN ON IT! Some idiot told Perry that allowing this plague would help him win the presidency. Perry's ONE accomplishment is helping to bring jobs to Texas. Jobs mean nothing if you lose your country to a plague that kills your citizens. Travis Co Sherriff (Austin Tx) gets a print out EVERY damn morning of the list of illegals in his jail and the heinous crimes they have committed. You know nothing about Perry, but your kids are about to learn what Perry has allowed to happen.
WHAT is it that YOU do not understand? Rick Perry is ALLOWING this plague to be released on the citizens of Texas and this plague is coming to YOUR child's school! Rick Perry HAS the authority to close the border for health and safety reasons and WILL NOT! Perry will nt close the border BECAUSE it will disrupt commerce with Mexico.If any here gave a damn about their family, they would spend the day calling Rick Perry's office at 512-463-2000.
Baptist Family & Children"s Services have a "security force"? If you are of the Baptist faith, is THIS how you want your tithes to be SPENT? CALL Gov Perry at 512-463-2000 and demand he close the border NOW! This disease is coming to YOUR child's school.
Forget about prune faced progressives. CALL Gov Perry at 512-463-2000 NOW and demand he close the border. This disease IS coming to your kids school.
CLOSE THE DAMN BORDER - CALL Gov Perry at 512-463-2000, CALL Sen Ted Cruz at 512-916-5834, CALL Sen John Cornyn at 512-469-6034, CALL wannabe Gov Greg Abbott at 512-477-2002 and CALL the do nothing Tea Party Patriot leader at 404-593-0877. Please take 5 minutes, its easy. This disease IS coming to YOUR kids school.
BreitBart News site claims to be the "site" for Texas news BUT refuses to confront Gov Perry on SHUTTING DOWN THE BORDER. He has the authortity to stop these illegals from EVEN putting a foot on Texas soil. Why is the legacy of a real patriot, Breit Bart being spit on?
ITS ABOUT TIME! But also the House must withold funding from ANY college/university that blantenly hires 90% far left progressives professors. Where the hell is affirmative action for professors?
IT DOESN'T MATTER! Obama is not going to obey the law! Everyone is talking/writing about Boehner's smoke screen to sue Obama. KARL ROVE told Boehner to make this stupid move BECAUSE it would appease the conservatives. KARL ROVE, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Rupert Murdock, Warren Buffet, Zuckerberg and the rest WILL DO ANYTHING to distract the conservatives fight against illegal aliens.
DOES DANIEL DOHERTY know who Lisa Jackson is? DOES DANIEL DOHERTY know who Mark Levin and Landmark Legal Foundation are? To the uninformed, lazy Daniel. Lisa Jackson is obama's first EPA director. Lisa Jackson was acting ILLEGALLY, just like every other obama appointee has and is acting. Mark Levin's Law firm SUED the EPA way back on 8-12-12 BECAUSE Lisa Jackson would not produce her emails and records concerning a rule or regulation. She was using her private email account set up under her dogs name to conduct EPA business. The court ruled in Landmark Legal Foundation's favor, but they have STILL not received WHAT THE JUDGE ORDERED! Gina McCarthy knows this and doesn't give a flip.
First Will, YOU are either ignorant or lazy. There are many sects of the Presbyterian Church. The one that YOU refer to here is The Presbyterian Church USA. There are at least 8 different branches of the Presbyterian church. The PC USA is the "one" funded by George Soros's "Open Society Institute". PC USA would vote for humping dogs if Soros told them to. The other Presbyterian entities cringe when this maggot organization opens their pie hole.
ONLY the Mississippi rinos could be made to believe that Boehner is suing the president. AS LAST NITE Mississippi proved that they are worthy of their most uneducated, standing in America. These ignorant people voted to CONTINUE to financially enrich Cochran's concubine, and they WILL believe, after all the years, Boehner is going to sue obama for his crimes..
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