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Dana Perino (Fox's The Five) just let the cat out of the bag on live TV. She said that Bush urged obama to go for amnesty first before tackling universal healthcare. Bush's lying mouth about a lot of things IS the reason Tea Parties formed all across America. And Jeb Bush is just as traitorous as the rest of the family.
NEWS ALERT - the democrat party has officially changed name of their party to the Gruber Idiot Party!
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The New D.C. GOP Agenda

lbs2 Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 9:40 AM
Go back to the above picture of Boehner and take a good look at the guy standing behind him. He is Majority House Whip Kevin MCarthy WHO has been meeting secretly with Mark Zuckerberg all summer, plotting to grant blanket amnesty. Call McCarthy's office and tell him NO amnesty and NO worker permits and then call your friends in California and task them to start prepping a candidate to take McCathy OUT in 2 years.
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Voters Are Giving You One More Chance, GOP

lbs2 Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 9:33 AM
What exactly is this Ann column about? Is she saying just lick McConnells rear no matter what? Boehner's Majority Whip, Kevin McCathy(aside why is our MW from the failed state of Calif?) has been holding secret meetings with Mark Zuckerberg (facebook) ALL SUMMER LONG. Plotting behind our backs to make amnesty happen. If YOU have not called your House Representative, do it now. No damn amnesty or "work permits" are you will be gone in 2 short years.
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A Tent Too Big

lbs2 Wrote: Nov 12, 2014 1:57 PM
Who is S E Cupp? Does she list an email so I may put questions to her about HER directive as to how to pick a presidential candidate? No twitter no facebook, thats just shorthand for sounding off. A real email address, which is a paperless hand written letter, consisting of complete sentences.
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A Smoking Gun for Us 'Stupid American Voters'

lbs2 Wrote: Nov 11, 2014 12:09 PM
WHO released this video and WHY did they wait for ONE WEEK after the election. If this had been released BEFORE the election, NO democrat running for office would have won. Prof Gruber proved his arrogant ignorance BECAUSE his lying only fooled his stupid democrat voters. NO REPUBLICAN in congress voted for it and conservative America knew from the start it was all a lie. So, Gruber was speaking about stupid democrats. M.I.T. list Gruber's email. Go there and get all your friends to email him only his stupid democrats fell for it!
Call Tim Scott and plead with him to go out and tell blacks WHAT obamas open borders will do to them. NO ONE is pointing out to blacks that obama has thrown them under the bus for Mexicans, Haitians, Central Americans and Cubans who are coming in at the Mexican border. No one has asked Marco Rubio about the flood of Cubans, floating to the Mexican sea shore and walking across the Texas border. WHY?
Support Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz in the senate. Call your congressman, email, tweet, whatever and tell them in no uncertain terms, that they were elected for ONE REASON ONLY. Remove illegals from our soil and PROTECT our sovereingty. Nothing else CAN be saved if we don't do this FIRST.
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A Tough Night At MSNBC

lbs2 Wrote: Nov 05, 2014 7:06 PM
If ever you felt the need to call Boehner or Mitch McConnell, now is the time. These two were elected by THEIR respective states, NOT elected by conservatives across America. Tell them we didn't give them majority to "get along" with Obama. We voted for one reason ONLY. STOP OBAMA and SEND ALL ILLEGALS HOME.
Everyone knows the face of Sgt Tahmooressi and the ebola witch Kaci Hickox. Does anyone here know the faces of the NINE children who have died from obama imported EV-D68? No you don't and evidently don't care. Valarie Jarrett cooked up the idea to flood the border with central american, un-accompanied illegal kids. She thought the site of the "poor little children" would open our hearts to amnesty for all. She/Obama already had IN THEIR HANDS a study that showed these kids would be bringing the EV virus that HAD NOT been seen in America since the 1960's. EV-D68 has been documented in 40 of our states, coinciding WITH the arrival of the illegal kids. I am begging you to CONTACT Fox News and demand time be devoted to the death of these 9 children in the same proportion AS HAS BEEN devoted to Tahmooressie and the witch Kaci Hickox. Please it only takes a minute.
Don't be surprized if this is a hoax to deflect from next Tuesday election. With Valarie Jarrett, the ruler of ALL plans in the WH, she is probably planning ANOTHER intruder getting over the WH fence while the first family IS at home. And this time Michelle and Obola will fein fear and beg for sympathy for their undeserved targeting. Jeh Johnson knows damn well that Obola doesn't give a crapola about the citizens of America, so the warning has to be a fake.
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