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162 Republicans just went down on John Boehner. The only thing left to do is call an emergency meeting of your county Tea Party. Appoint a committee to begin the search and vetting of a replacement of your house rep if he was one of the Boehner down lows. Once you have elected a search committee, make an official announcement in your local news and on facebook. Make the next two years of their life unbearable. God said an eye for an eye. These down lowers have already taken both our eyes. I for one am going to start sending every little personal thing bad that a YES voting House Republican has to every vicious blog out there.
Did you know that Worge Ramos entered the U.S.on a "student visa" to attend college and promptly dumped his college plans and went to work, which is against the law?
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Obama Bails Out Boehner On Spending Bill

lbs2 Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 4:50 PM
Shut the government down now! All obligations WILL BE PAID anyway. Furloughed government workers will get an additional paid vacation, which will be cheaper than all the dung Boehner has allowed into the bill. Boehner has to go and McConnell has to go and the rest of them MUST give the middle finger to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce WHO helped obama plan and then funded the deluge of central american illegals.
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The College Rape Club

lbs2 Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 10:59 AM
AT BREITBART NEWS - Obama signed secret contract with the freakin Baptist (BCFS) on 10-1-13 to care for central american illegals ALMOST a freakin year BEFORE obamas orchestrated deluge. The contract is for millions and millions of dollars and the contract last until 9-20-16. THIS is what Boehner is funding!
AT BREIT BART NEWS - Obama signed secret contract with the freakin Baptist (BCFS) to care for illegal kids, on 10-1-13, almost a year before obama's orchestrated deluge of the disease carrying central Americans. The contract is for millions and millions and the contract last until 9-30-16. THIS IS WHAT BOEHNER IS FUNDING!
I prayed all night for our military. And I prayed that the next time John McCain plans one of his showboat trips, to visit our troops, that they will tell McCain, hell no we do not want you here. McCain STILL hates the military because he was held a prisoner of war for so long. McCain considered himself a hot jock jet pilot before being captured. Not so hot after being freed. Why do we not see hate from the OTHER soldiers that were held with McCain? WHY, because they aren't babies like McCain. McCain signed up for the mission because he thought he was a hot jock. The others signed up to help save America.
Does anyone here know why the republicans held this hearing? What was the point? Boehner has NOT allowed a bill of any kind to stop the fraudulent obamacare law. I am sending Gowdy an email right now and tomorrow, I will be calling his office to ask him what was the point of blowing shese up Gruber's nose when he Gowdy knows they are NOT going to shut down the government to stop obama.
HOORAH for the C.I.A. And TH, where is the poll you love to take. How about a poll with questions like. 1)are you glad that the CIA did what they had to do? 2) Do you believe the CIA should have done more? 3) are you aware that 81 year old Diane Frankenstein wears a diaper?
During the hearing Texas Republican Mike McCall rocked back and forth in his chair and failed to asked Jerk Johnson "Why should we fund YOU when Texas taxpayers are providing the State Police and the Texas National guard to protect our border?" Mike McCall is a sellout to Boehner/U.S. Chamber of Commerce. McCall KNEW the US CofC was funding the flood of Central Americans at the Texas border AND said nothing to warn the people of Texas.
I personally want TH to explain why they keep allowing columns to be presented here based on "surveys". All polls for the last election were false, fabricated or outright made up. Mitt Romney doesn't even know what the constitution is, much less how to interpret it.
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