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NO trust of the House exists. Article published at BreitBart, said the far left progressive Hollywood moguls are shoveling cash up John Boehner's pants, just in case republicans retain the House and take over the senate.
Paul Ryan's God complex, simply because feckless Romney picked him to run as VP. Mr Ryan, YOU do not get to decide if this corrupt government HAS to be shut down in order to stop funding obama's illegal acts.
WH is putting our special forces in a hell hole to rescue this bird that CHOSE his own fate?
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Forgetting the Meaning of Freedom

lbs2 Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 9:59 PM
Dr Carson, bless your heart, but you still do not have a clue WHERE this country is being destroyed. It used to be when your child entered the "halls of higher learning". NOW, they are taking your child from kindergarten and blowing away their family values and telling them only the educators knows whats best. DR CARSON, want to make a difference? Quit writing columns and go to every progressive university in America and tell the stupid students WHAT their government is doing to them.
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The Media and the Mob

lbs2 Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 9:52 PM
Aug 9, 2014 - WHITE cop shoots un armed black boy....Aug 11, 2014 BLACK cop shoots un armed white boy......Has anyone read, or heard of the black Salt Lake City cop shooting un armed white boy?
On Aug 9, 2014 WHITE cop shoots un-armed black boy.....On Aug 11, 2014 BLACK cop shoots un-armed white boy. Has anyone heard of the Salt Lake City black cop shooting the unarmed 20 year old male?
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The Ferguson Feeding Frenzy

lbs2 Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 9:13 PM
DID YOU READ THIS? It happened on Aug 11, 2014. BLACK Salt Lake City policeman shot dead white, unarmed, 20 year old Dillon Taylor. YOU have got to read this story.
Just to remind us all, Obama has NEVER said anything about the bible being beautiful, but has said the muslim call to prayer is the MOST beautiful thing he has ever heard. I don't know what kind of soul he has, I only know his actions and words. For months. Christians have been being persecuted and murdered around the world and he is totally unaffected.
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Police, protesters collide again in Ferguson

lbs2 Wrote: Aug 18, 2014 2:43 PM
What is NOT up for speculation is the demeanor of Michael Brown in the video. The (un biased) video showed Michael Brown was very comfortable with the way he treated store clerks when HE wanted something that HE did not want to pay for. THIS WAS NOT Brown's first rodeo at taking what he wanted. That is clear!. No first timer would have been so blantant. There are other store clerks in Ferguson ( that are hiding in fear) that have also been on the receiving end of "strong arming" tactics by Brown. They are afraid they will be called to tesify.
Austn Tx is the murder by "drunk driving" of Texas. The power house radio station, KLBJ 590, EVERY SINGLE LOCAL MORNING SHOW is taken up by "the Police", politicians, activists, on what are we going to do about drunk drivers. Austin has 50 thousand drinking UT students and Austin is known worldwide for the South by Southwest drunken soiree. Liquor producers come and set up booths and GIVE AWAY free booze by the 10's of thousands of gallons.
Of course. Something else to know about Austin Tx. There have been national newspaper reports asking "why are blacks leaving Austin Tx?" The liberal press can't comprehend as how, Austin being a socialist enclave of far left progressives, BLACKS are leaving the city of Austin. Again the liberals think blacks are stupid! Blacks are leaving because the entire Austin ISD has been taken over by non english speaker illegals. Austin is proudly called a "sanctuary city" for illegals. The liberal press think blacks should just stay there and take what they can get AFTER the illegals are served.
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