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Noah: Hollywood vandalizes the Bible

lbarclay Wrote: Mar 31, 2014 12:08 PM
Pagan environmentalism is what Noah his Family and God's gift Man's dominion had to be saved from in the first place. Environmentalism the worship of Idolatry denying God's existence and his Gift of Dominion to man. If I was that God I would have destroyed these imposter people on my planet too. Noah and God's gift of Dominion both had to be saved from these people and it hast to be done again with fire because God Promised Noah that He would never flood the Planet again A Promise with the same marret as the Gift of Dominion. Lets Take the Catalytic Converter for Instance. 15% of its emissions are the Element Hydrogen. Now just where is the Most Volatile (explosive) of all elements going to go. Of Course This Environmental wacko so called California Smog preventer will saturate our Polar regions with Hydrogen. Come to find out the Smog wasn't coming from burning Fossil Fuel in the first place. It came from CFC's that the Forest around San Francisco put out Because the Catalytic converter had no effect on the Smog. So just what was done when the real culprit was found nothing of course by tree huggers because it was the tree all along. So was the Catalytic Converter stopped after the real cause was found? NO it was expanded to the entire world. That 15% will keep building up and one little match will set it off. Earths atmosphere leaves in a fire. Thats Kinda what God said would happen in the first place with fire the next time and who caused it Environmental Wackos. 26 And God said , Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. -- "IN GOD WE TRUST" JOAN OF ARK BAPTIST Allen Barclay Allen
If we caused this with our Cars our Fossil fuel transportation system. Then who the hell caused the Mini ICE AGE of Europe 1300 to 1850???????? Global Warmers are ignorant of history. Their islamic influence is against the raising of grain also. They anr the Religious Catolic Church of the time were as much responsible for the black plague by not allowing grain to be raised in the first place especially for the makins of spirit whisky to decontaminate water. The making of whisky goes all the way back to Moses of Israel for the decontamination of water. The lack of the first Amendment we have was , because of this, responsible for the great black plague as any other factor. Today Supreme Court is fighting for our sanity in the First Amendment. Will we once again listen to these fanatics of anti Alcohol islam and their restrictions on freedom of speech and their White House new islamic prerequisite religion for government jobs. Are we going to allow these Bastards of history to take us kicking and screaming back to the dark age. We'll see but Christ is coming this time islam.
If we allow these liers to divert money for this foolishness instead of preparing for a natural event then there will be a famin. The Sky is falling people must go away for the world to prepare. For one all available land use must be used for winter wheat. Not doing this is a factor that lead to the black plague of Europe. they Enjoyed warm weather for years and didn't know how to rase winter wheat as they still tried to mistakenly to keep their vineyards. From 1300 to 1850 it was to cold for those vineyards. Lack of wine (an alcoholic product) exacerbated the spread of the black plague by forcing the population to drink contaminated water. there was no whisky for the purification of the water either because they didn't know how to make that either from grain they didn't know how to farm. So their was no source of vitamin C from wine in the population to fight these disease when it hit. Ironically most of the Wine producers of Italy had the Neanderthal gene to prevent the disease two thirds of the population that did not have this gene died . Back to my point if farming prepares for this the world over their will be no famine. If we listen to these IDIOTS of history we will starve. Nature Climate Change recently published a paper that contends that temperate zones will see reduced crop yields by 2030, presumably plunging the world into a (man-caused famine)----THIS IS A LIE !!!! THOSE THAT LISTEN TO IT AND DON'T PREPARE WILL STARVE !!!!!!!
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Obama Impeachment Almost Complete

lbarclay Wrote: Mar 24, 2014 2:20 PM
Jim Jordan, get her done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hitler was trying to take the USA out of the picture, and recruit the USA to his side because of Ethnic Germans that live here in the US. Because In all of his Brave speeches he was afraid to tackle Europe because of WWI. What is different now Obama and Hagle sent him a message threw our news were cutting the US Military back to before WWII. A clear Message you can start your march across Europe Vladimir Putin. But the Pearl Harbor event that Everyone missed is he Resed the Russian Prime rate to an astounding 7% to pay for the war with Europe's money precisely the same way King Henry The 8th did it with Englands first Bank. I would say the entire Wright House is working for Vladimir Putin. WHY DOES THE WORLD FALL FOR THIS FOOLISH BLOOD BATH EVERY TIME !!!!!!!!???????
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So Janet Yellen Wants Higher Interest!

lbarclay Wrote: Mar 20, 2014 10:20 PM
Our Interest rates are to low for a country that fought a long war. I for one agree with her, But Vladimir Putin raising russian Prime rate to an astounding 7% should SHOCK us to the core as he takes of a fledgling world financial stage that has against all logic during these wars We and Nato fought together as allies. To sustain a war this is normal to have high interest to finance it and this high interest last for at least a decade after the war. This is called normal in history. If you don't want high interest rates don't fight wars stupidly. If you don't want high interest avoid the war in the first place. But if war is necessary to protect our borders than by all means fight and rase that interest up to pay for it and just maybe you won't owe China 17 Trillion. Dollars. Since King henry the 8th's first bank of England it has always been this way. If you don't have enough money to fight the war RAISE THE INTEREST AND GET IT. Or leave war alone. We have no choice now to balance the power with Russia we need to make a counter Like 7.5% because this is a Russian Roulette game we can't afford to lose. While our President dithers around at least his Appointee To the FED Janet Yellen knows History.
Political correctness a perior pressure against Individualisms freedom of speech that can only cause intellectual isolation from truth. I'm sure this metes several descriptions of Mental Illness as a self inflicted delusional Paranoia that causes victims to imagine the horrors of Global Warming/ and Climate Change that have no basses in science. Political correctness starts with condescension how could it be anything good starting this way.???/ What ever happened to critical thinking the course that teaches you to culture people in your peer group that completely disagree with every thing you say. Culturing life long friends that will , no doubt, prevent you from secuming to the intellectual suicide of political correctness. What ever happened to this course that developed in debate teams the finest lawyers in the world bar non. What happened to this course in college. This practice is tantamount of producing a scientific nobel prise winning discovery. And now I see that I have broken Google's spell check, and once again owe you'all an apology. Apologetics another form of critical thinking and debate which use to be taught in seminar of religious Bible study. Where are these courses that develop our students from the village idiot to a genious. And in Forest Gump manner I will say this, "thats all I have to say about that". GREAT ARTICLE THIS WRITER .
These are the same people of last generation under FDR with the same stupid ideas that will never work. The oil lobby put a stop to the Pogue Carburetor 200 MPG. And the oil lobby of today love this BS with this Electric Car again it will only reaffirm that cars need to be run of gas. The Carbon footprint, weather that means anything or not, for the cleanup of this cars battery's in a junkyard will be HUGE. This was done to Stop Mr. Pogue's 200 MPG carburetor in 1935. 7 inventors killed by their inventions. Thomas Midgley Jr. was a highly decorated chemist best known for his work with "no-knock" or leaded gasoline and the greenhouse gas Freon. Leaded fuel was needed by our State Department and Ford under FDR to stop this carburetor that was sold in every parts house retrofit to every car of the time. Leaded fuel made this 200 MPG carburetor worthless. But it was needed by General Patton in north Africa on the Sherman Tank where it got a unheard of 23 MPG with the two 1200 CID engines. After it was used there it was taken off and demolished . http://truedemocracyparty.net/new-energy-sources-and-inventions/200-mpg-pogue-carburetor/ People we can use that carburator again because leaded fuel was stopped for making our Progressive children STUPID. Wow man thats the same way Rome fell Baths with Lead pipe making Roman leadership STUPID. Looks like the Centurion Plumer did it to us again.
The Morons have no facts. Global Warming /climate changers are mentally ill. The real scientist are geological scientist that found Sulfur Dioxide in each depth of earth's mantel before and during an ice age. Tested at each depth with radiocarbon dating to the exact period of the ice age of resent history as well. Global Warmers will no doubt be thrown in jail for terrorist threats against oil refineries and pipelines across our country so global warmer big brother is listening keep it up with the threats and you will be watching the news threw bars. Since we have been using fossil fuels from 1903 for transportation its been getting colder. At that time Mrs. Deland and her Chinese sons orange fruit industry was in every southern state from Georgia to Texas to mexico. It is no longer possible to make a living at these orange groves because they no longer exist. The colder it got the farther down south in florida the industry went. Its no longer Frost proof in Frostproof Florida. ITS NOT POSSIBLE FOR GOD'S FRUIT TREE TO LIE. Only lizards like (satan) and Illuminati college students can lie like that. The glaciers melted the world over because these same college kids were drilling holes in them bracing the heat barrier underneath them and melting them. Anny Well driller knows that the best way to melt the ice is to drill a hole in it. King Henry The 8th built South Castle on the water in 1544 now its 120 feet from the water. Its impossible for the oceans to lie about history also You have to get a college student and fill his head full of BS TO GET LIE'S LIKE THAT. Keep it up you Global warmers you only confirming your mental illness and we will no doubt have to Baker Act you for your own protection.
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Putin, Not Obama, is the Messiah

lbarclay Wrote: Mar 10, 2014 3:04 PM
Christ Jesus the living King of Israel is the Messiah. I don't know who Vladimir Putain is but more and more Obama looks like the False Prophet of the Bible's Revelations. Vladimir Putain raised his Prime rate an astounding 7% to attract off shore money for whatever he is going to do. Like march across Europe. King henry the 8th did this with the First bank of England to finance a war he wanted with Europe particularly France which He won and with Europe's money because the interest he was offering was too tantalizing for the rich of Europe to refuse. Incredible Europe payed England to get rid of their stupid tyrants. We have not such financial genius of King henry the 8th and Vladimir Putin in a long time on planet earth. His only success depends totally on blessing Israel like king Cyrus of the Meds (Iran) did. Cyrus paid Tithes to Israel with the spoils of his concerning the largest Empire of all time greater than Roam before it split. The stupidity of it all had Obama known this history that Vladimir Putin obviously know's he would have raised the USA interest to a whopping 7.5% and started the draft of our military to make piece with Vladimir Putin. An exchange student in our colleges, allowed to pass with a D average wouldn't be privy of this history. Sorry President Obama you're a failure unless of course you're helping Vladimir Putin by keeping the Great defender of Europe out of this WWIII if that the case then you are a perfect success Obama. In either case your a WarMonger just like all the FDR liberals of history and all the blood spilt in all these wars is on your hands Sir. GOOD DAY SIR !!!!!!
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