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Of course the climate is changing because Americans are lavish with their use of the worlds energy supply. Don't ya know we only have 2% of the worlds supply of oil and are using 75% stolen from other people. How else could Americans be guilty of raising the temperature on Mars and melting the ice caps there? Climate change is a catch all to describe anything undesireable happening in the world. It also brings a lot of federal dollars to the town criers for studys. Otherwise, they would have to do honest work for a living and they need to pay off their gov't college loans, don't they?
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Bank of America Assaults Gun Client

Lazy-J Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 7:58 AM
BOAs decision just leaves more money available for Capital One and others. Gun manufacturing is booming. Americans have begun to wake up and see the danger in allowing only the government to have firearms.
It'll be okay. After we make it expensive enough to reduce smoking tobacco, we will have many more customers for our marijuana. Everyone knows maryjane is less harmfull than tobacco, Timothy Leary told us so back in 1960. Also, when our children are stoned, they'll be just like their heroes in Hollywood.
Someone brings forth a good idea which catches fire and sells well. Within seconds, others start jumping on the bandwagon with their own versions. When the market becomes saturated with the competing ideas, prices fall and a lot of people lose their dream money. A great example is the automobile. After a few backyard mechanics put together contraptions which would go down the trail without horses, everyone jumped in and started making the things. In the fierce competition of the market place, many who invested heavily lost their proverbial shirts. Out of the ashes rose a few robust companies who made better, more reliable and more convenient autos. Today we reap the benefits of that competition and drive over the graves of the losers.
Modest growth in food products? Try inflation of food prices. Your typical cost for food has risen dramatically with the increase in fuel costs. It also doesn't help to use corn to make fuel. Ask the Mexican laborer who can't afford tortillas for his family how the food market has gone.
Correction: All truck stop waitresses know more than the so-called experts. They have to pay their bills with what they take in tips and their meager wage. Fewer customers, more financial difficulty. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or brain surgeon to figure that out.
Yes, being an Ivy League college graduate is equivalent to being totally brainwashed in the Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao and Fidel tradition. They are willing to do anything to make their ideal utopia true, including destruction of the USA.
Micromanagement of the economy by the government can only hurt the economy. The government has operated the following systems for a long time and the services provided have suffered vast cost increases with little to show for it: AMTRAK USPS MEDICARE SOCIAL SECURITY MEDICAID NASA NUCLEAR ENERGY DEVELOPMENT Now they have taken over General Motors, Chrysler, Major banking, Investment services and are reaching for your personal savings. Does anyone believe using any tax refunds to buy treasury bonds is investing or saving? I bought bonds for my grandchildren when they were toddlers. Now they have grown up and the bonds which were for their education have been redeemed. Instead of doubling in 15 years, they have only increased by...
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Obama's Zimmerman Problem

Lazy-J Wrote: Apr 13, 2012 8:24 AM
Zimmerman is already a dead man. He is a marked target with a dead or alive reward on his head. That reward is not for conviction, but for murder. In jail or out, he will need 24 hour protection the rest of his life. The US AG had publicly stated he would not pursue blacks for crimes. That alone has changed the way Americans view each other. The media showing pictures of a clean cut 12 year old student and calling Zimmerman a vigilante was all it took. BHO stating, "he would look like that." has injected this case into the record as a hate crime against BHO. Do they not realize blood in the streets flows from both sides?
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Can Government Do Anything Well?

Lazy-J Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 7:55 AM
To say government can improve anything is tatamount to saying individuals are incompetent. The government improved the Jeep (1/4 ton general purpose vehicle) from a four passenger four cylinder jewel which anyone could drive or fix to the Hum-Vee. The H-V is a four passenger vehicle which was designed by a committee to fit all needs of all people. As such, it fits no requirements for anything. Yes, it is hard to get it stuck in the mud, but when stuck, it is darned difficult to extract. The Jeep coul be extracted by four men or by it's own engine using nothing more than a 1/2 inch rope. The Jeep got 15-20 mpg and the H-V gets around 5-10 mpg. Great progress there.
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And They Wonder Why Voters Are Angry

Lazy-J Wrote: Apr 06, 2012 10:25 AM
Hello seven passenger minivan. Hello midsized SUV. Much more passenger miles per gallon than any Corvette or Mustang. Better for the environment too. Instead of hiring 16,000 new IRS agents, just cut a few regulations and lay off 16,000 IRS agents. See how simple it is. Papa and Momma running the countrystore make decisions like this daily. They even lay off non productive workers, may I suggest 535 congress critters and a president need to join the unemployement line.
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