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Must We Loose This Mortal Coil at 75?

lazerus Wrote: 41 mins ago (4:04 PM)
My 85 year old Mother suffers from vertigo and arthritis that forces her to walk with a walker for short distances. She cooks us breakfast every morning and dinner most evenings with an occasional lunch. She reads allot takes care of her bird and plays ball with the dog. She has a feral cat she feeds and sits with for about 30 minutes every morning and evening on the porch. She goes to a quilting club every Tuesday for about 5 hours and is on her second quilt in 6 months. She is part Cherokee and would poke Zeke's eye out for suggesting that she is non productive, really there is a man In Iowa who is missing an eye. Her favorite Aunt just died a couple weeks ago at 109 and was still taking care of herself. Someone needs to poke Zeke's eye out.
All the transgender people I have seen are obviously doing it for the attention, people think it is interesting and crowd around to ask about it. All the people I have seen who go to protests about sexuality are hungry for attention.
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Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder?

lazerus Wrote: 1 hour ago (3:17 PM)
Please God, No
There is two sides to every story but the story is that this man chopped the head off a woman who was not a threat to him in any way. The other side to this story is the perspective of the victim not the mother of the perpetrator. If the incident were an accident the mothers perspective would have relevance but stabbing and chopping off an innocents head is not an accident.
The best tax system would be the fair tax but at a maximum of 10% total with the states individually deciding how much to pay to the federal government.
I watched Charlie's political career from the beginning having the same hometown. I fell for his lies the first time he ran for office. Never again, his lies get more blatant every time he runs. The Governorship is very similar to running a business, Charlie has zero understanding or interest in running a business he is all about the power and influence.
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Eric Holder’s Tenure

lazerus Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 8:58 AM
I think Eric holder will be missed after his replacement gets ahold of our justice system.
Yea, like Republicans have ever quickly and decisively done anything but cave to political pressure.
Leaving a dead body uncovered in the street for 4 hours wile everybody watched and took pictures certainly is the height of disrespect and stupid.
I'm sure the tree in your eye makes it easy to see the log in Mr Barber's eye. Yet Jesus still loves you and does not judge your hate.
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