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Electoral College Is Democratic, Not democratic

layopinions Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 3:23 PM
If we're going to let the House decide, we need to fix the way districting works. Boundaries should make more sense geographically using current county and city borders. cities should be separated from the suburbs and the rest of the county. Then, each region gets a number of representatives based on their population, combining rural counties if necessary and giving more than one representative to cities if necessary. On top of that there should be several "at large" regional representatives. That way, minority party voters still have a chance to elect a representative with similar views. Then, we could either have the reps vote directly or award EC votes based on the House districts.
GatoLuchador Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 4:38 PM
I agree. The Constitution should be amended to draw districts by an objective, uniform standard. Several states have already done something similar on the state level. I think it would easily get 38 states to pass it. Then, presidential elections should be settled on who wins the most individual districts -- instead of winner take all. That would be my second choice.
In 2000, conservatives were obligated to explain why they supported preservation of the Electoral College even though it produced a victory for their candidate, George W. Bush. In coming elections, their devotion may face a sterner test: Will they favor it if Democrats win the White House even when Republicans carry the popular vote?

Mitt Romney managed to avoid that problem by coming up short across the board. But while Republicans have noticed that the voting public is changing in ways that don't help the GOP, they may not have noticed that the electoral map has also shifted to their clear disadvantage.