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A Hundred Percent of Nothing

layopinions Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 12:52 PM
Well, part of the problem is the maximum size. Several of those "boxes" are continuations of the previous box. Fixing that would solve some of the "consolidation" problem, but that's out of his hands. In fact, there are several other improvements that most other forums have that would make TH a lot better; but that's a separate discussion. I understand that point that you think he is posting too much, but as long as he's on topic I have no problem with it. What bothers me is the spam posts of random talking points that have nothing to do with the main article.
True Conservative! Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 1:23 PM
Is this multiple choice? I select "e"!
AWLkrakow Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 1:21 PM
Stuart95 Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 1:16 PM
a) It is not necessary to comment on every post.

b) Most cogent thoughts can be put into on comment box.

c) Answering spam just encourages the trolls.

d) There is no need for all-caps comments or comments with multiple line spacings.

e) Some people are idiots.

JoAnn Watson, Detroit city council member, said, "Our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president, and there ought to be a quid pro quo." In other words, President Obama should send the nearly bankrupted city of Detroit millions in taxpayer bailout money. But there's a painful lesson to be learned from decades of political hustling and counsel by intellectuals and urban experts.

In 1960, Detroit's population was 1.6 million. Blacks were 29 percent, and whites were 70 percent. Today, Detroit's population has fallen precipitously to 707,000, of which blacks are 84 percent and whites 8 percent....