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The Sheriff's race in my county was decided by one vote in 2006
I would ask Cameron....If Scotland is such an economic albatross that they would be in fiscal ruin on their own, wouldnt it benefit the rest of the UK to shed them
Mitch may have some image problems across the entire electorate, but he was always going to do well among the subset if Ky GOP primary voters. He almost singlehandedly built the state Republican party from an almost nonexistent entity in the 80s, outside of a few south KY counties, to the party that elects both senators, 5 of 6 representatives and controls the state senate in the 21st century. He has built up alot of goodwill in his home state party.
The GOP was so racist, they were going to vote for a Latino over him. What bad people.
I guess she shouldnt be around young girls, unless the goal is for them to grow up to be happy adults. http://nypost.com/2013/12/27/conservative-women-hold-secret-to-happiness/
To me, the whole point of fitness is so you can have Coke and doughnuts
Im sure if I said I didn't like Bill de Blasio for similar reasons, that would be ok.
Forced? Are they under 18. How can she force them.
I guess we should ban hot coffee because it releases steam into the air too.
Would the school have such a measured response. If the prof were gay or a women or black and the hurled insults had anything to do with that. My guess is the students would be on a fast track to some sort of expulsion. Of course, this is just debate that needs to be just a little more civil.
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