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Williams was saved by conservitives at Fox News when the left wing harpies over at NPR turned on him for accidently telling the truth. Now he is the biggest democrat water carrier on Fox. This muppet even claimed that the border with Mexico was now sealed. There is no fool like a liberal fool. I just press mute whenever he or that reptile Alan Colmes are on.
If Sharpton, Jackson et all didn't have the race card what else would they talk about? They are completely irrelevent on any other topic.
His team can apply for imunity from a civil claim under Florida felf defence laws. It's the same in most gun friendly states. He will almost certainly get it.
I knew it was something like that. You get my point though.
Actually, while we are at it why not change the first as well so that we don't have to listen to your liberal BS. Ya see it works both ways.
Why yes you can do that, that would be the correct thing to do rather that constantly trying to get around it. All you need now to do is convince three quarters of the congress to support you and then two thirds of the states to ratify it. That is exactly how we got the amendment in the first place. Should be easy for all of you liberals as you have 90% of the country behind you right? No, not willing to try? So maybe you don't all believe you own BS after all.
What is even more telling is that Chavez and Castro praised him last time around also but over 50% of the elecorate still voted for him. Not this time though, both Obama and the MSM have been exposed and are paying the price. 60% of the country no longer listens to either of them.
Funny isn't how we al fell so the media line that McCarty was a nut. Would any sane person now question that Holywood and the media are ful of socialists and communists? Looks like he was on to something after all.
Polls from the MSM are worthless. Rasmussen's likely voter polls are the only ones worth looking at until Gallup and the other start to poll likely voters later in the fall.
As hard as it has been to watch, Obama is the best thing that could have happened to America. The country was sleep walking into bigger and bigger goverment and more and more debt under both parties. Obama and his team of Marxists has shoked America into action. Never again will it fall for the democrats lies. The left in America has shown it's true colors and it aint pretty. The Tea party is forcing the Republican party back to where it was under Reagan. Now it is obvious that it really does matter who you vote for. Until Obama over played the lefts hand it hardly did any more.
I also am an indepecent but if you can't see how much the dems have swung left and the repubs are moving right then perhaps you shouldn't vote at all. Bush was a big spender to rival anyone until someone far worse arrived in the Whitehouse. Rino's are being removed from the Republican party just as in Texas last night. Cruze,Rubio,West,Walker,Christy,Jidal etc are the future of the republican party all fiscal conservitives who will work towards a ballanced buget and also a balanced amendment. How can anyone not see that?
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