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All that "stand your ground" really is, is self defence. It means that the ridiculous notion that the attacked is under obligation to flee his attacker is removed. This notion was removed from self defence laws in many states and so it should be. If someone attacks you then whatever happens to them is their own fault.
I would have shot him sooner and more times.
An awfull lot of people have come to the same conclusion that you have and if the republican party don't get it they will lose again. Never mind getting more of the latino vote (10% ot the electorate) they should concentrate on the white vote (90%) Less conservitives voted for McCain than Bush and Romney than McCain. Coservitives have to back one horse in the primaries or another Rino will get the republican nomination. I am not a conservitive by the way but am socially tolorant/fiscally conservitive but facts is facts and if republicans keep falling for the "only moderates can win" line they will not. Rand Paul or Ted Cruz would be the best choice for the good of the country but I have a feeling that the RNC will be pushing another republicat/demlican.
He dosn't need to lean it. He is way ahead of us. He knows that freedom of the people means less power for the government. The left hates freedom.
Good for you. I have no children but if I did I would never let the socialists braiwash them for five days a week.
She certainly would because conservitives would not vote for him, just as they didn't for Romney or McCain. Funny how "the only person who can win for republicans" never does.
All that I can say is that NYC deserves them both, and the poison dwarf that runs the show currently. Is this the best that the bluest of blue towns can do? Probably.
Spitzer and Weiner two of New York's finest. Tells you all you need to know about blue states if these two slugs are the front runners in a race to run NYC.
Not to mention a certain case of "workplace violence"
Williams was saved by conservitives at Fox News when the left wing harpies over at NPR turned on him for accidently telling the truth. Now he is the biggest democrat water carrier on Fox. This muppet even claimed that the border with Mexico was now sealed. There is no fool like a liberal fool. I just press mute whenever he or that reptile Alan Colmes are on.
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